School Vacation Week

Here we are.  Invisible Hand is going to be oiling closer to league time so all the kids shouldn’t be a big issue.  This week is also crossover week.  Technically we’ve already had 12 crossover games, but this week all the A teams play crossovers.  Who from Thursday will break Tuesday’s 12-0 streak?  This is also the last week for all-star qualifying, Friday night games count. The all star teams will be announced Saturday


Oddballs (5-1) -5 vs BUI (3-3): The Oddballs keep on winning but they somehow don’t have anyone averaging over 179.  BUI has overcome the many predictions of their demise to even their record, and Duke Thunderwood has the highest average in the match, but this is a bridge too far.

Hookers (4-3) -3 vs Budweisers (4-3): Tuesday B is wide open.  Neither of these teams look likely to win the regular season title and automatic bid to the big board, but both are very much alive for the top 5 which puts them in the B playoffs.  Hookers top 4, led by Eggroll, are all higher in average than the highest Bud so I’ll play the percentages.

Strikes on Tap (5-1) -3 vs Wrecking Balls (3-3): Tap finally lost a game last week but still lead B and are still the only B team averaging over 600.  Wrecking Balls have a pretty solid average themselves and do need this one to keep up with the pack.  Birdman/ScrapperJohn vs Biscuit Wheels/The Dude is totally even but Tap has the depth to keep on winning.

Splits Happen (5-1) – 5 Mindz in the Gutter (2-4): MIG won their first two games as a BoPo squad but have lost 4 straight and face another tough one.  Disco Cosmo has come on the scene as the ultimate fact checker.  Splits has been led by Bones, but not Bones who is in his 12th year for Roll Another.  We used to monitor the duplicate name thing (see Sugac) but now the league is so big we have two Bones and a lady Bama.  Time for a name change episode of Rooftop Sessions!

Burners (4-3) -1 vs Ball That (5-2): I assumed Samsquampch had the high average in this match until I actually checked the stats, oops.  He’s behind teammate Twinkle Toes but also the top 4 Burners (Spla-damn!, Chris Corss, McDabbin, and Chameleon).  Somehow though he’s captained his squad to 5-2.  Regression to the mean night coming I’d guess.


Bowl Trolls (4-3) -1 vs N.E.D. (4-3): Oh man, rematch of last year’s wild B Finals.  NED was the favorite all season and had a 7-3 lead in the championship before some questionable subbing and a massive Troll rally cost them a short banner.  Defending champs Bowl Trolls have had a bit of an up and down season thus far but they do have a banner to point to on the wall.  A few weeks ago NED looked dead, but seem to have shaken the finals loss hangover.  Now these teams have identical records and are separated by just a half point.  I think NED may want this one a little too much, though, and the Trolls live to torment NED.  Fuge swings the python tonight.

Incredibowls (3-4) -7 vs B.A.R.E. (2-5): The ‘Creds are still alive in the B chase but face a must win.  B.A.R.E. is having a great ride through their inaugural season grabbing the occasional win and having a blast.  The hungrier team wins, which is great because if winning they are at least 50% less likely to make anti-DJ posts during the game.

XXX Club (4-3) -5 vs Touch Xcite (5-2): The Club is coming off a Sunday win over the Swinging Richards, a statement that perhaps they are interested in defending their crown.  It tok some time but Buck is back on top of the stats and the Club is looking like a contender again.  Touch Xcite has been a nice surprise on Thursdays, but this is Tuesday.  Squatch looking like a good bet to hold onto his coveted all-star spot barring a disaster.  Touch hoping the Club is flat after their big Sunday win.

BILF (1-5) – 1 vs Whoomp (1-5): Someone’s got to win!  Whoomp has collected a lot more points, BILF has the only division win.  The averages are nearly identical.  Somehoe Major Danks edges Mmmm Waffles in a crucial game 3 for the rare victory.

Skol (2-4) -3 vs My Balls (2-4): The traveling Balls played Sunday and now visit Tuesday.  They still have the top average in Thursday A  but are struggling to get the wins.  Skol is also struggling to win but they know last year the reached the finals after a 6-6 season.  They’ll get back on track tonight with a win, but it won’t be easy vs Cleveland and Co.

Guacabowle (3-3) -1 vs Bingas (2-5): Ok I had to pick a Thursday team eventually so why not Guac?  As far as I know Jerk is still injured – and if he does roll it could be tricky getting a feel for the ball.  G Boi finally had a solid week but I think that’s just because he’s always preferred bowling on Sundays (see his handful of R&B League titles). Chernobes is valiantly pushing the limits of pregnant bowling and could still make the all-star game – nice work.  Guac hasn’t put a complete game together yet but they have the pieces.  Badger and Cumstein can both grab top points, yet Sparetime is actually their hottest bolwer with a couple 240+ games last time out.  How are they 3-3?  Looking forward to this one, both teams want it badly.


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