The Five Late Games

So, bit of a schedule oddity tonight.  We have 7 early games, 5 late games, and 2 games at 7pm.  Whatever, we’re all partying.

Go Flock Yourself (1-3) -5 vs Rufio (0-4): What’s going on with the Flock?  They are this year’s team that keeps finding ways to lose.  They have the scores…going to be up to the manager Sparkles to right the ship.  In theory, they should get a win tonight.  Rufio’s team is winless, though they did get a replacement for injured Rev Lord in quasi-Flocker Railroad.  The Trulys will be flowing down the long, lithe, pink neck of Tammy Lynn.  Here’s a clip of Railroad getting back off the wagon with his buddies DDJ and Sparkles.

The Vice Squad (3-1) -1 vs Baeside Rollers (3-1) : I have yet to find out who won the Hot Sauce Challenge between Roadhouse and Double Cheese.  The loser gets a shot at revenge on the lanes, at least, as they are the top bowlers for their respective teams.  Seatown stole all of Holden’s picks at the draft and then beat him last week.  Cold blooded.  She’ll have a great head to head battle with Mama D tonight.  I’m going with Vice Squad just so I can post this clip.

Murder of Crows (3-1) -1 vs Big Dills (4-0): Game of the week!  The Big Dills thrive on disrespect (and good pickling spices) so they’ll love being picked against despite being the last unbeaten.  Lil’ Pickle bucked conventional wisdom with her drafting and it is paying off.  Jail Bait has been a revelation as their #2 bowler so far.  Still, I’ll take the Crows.  I’m a sucker for team averages, and they’ve got an almost 30 pin lead.  Nut Sauce finally took her rightful spot as team ace, but Hambone and Mokiki have kept rolling well.  I tried to follow this up with another awesome Crow eating a Pickle video, but couldn’t find it, so let’s make this random pet owner happy by doubling the views of their furbabies wrestling

Magic’s Gathering (3-1) -7 vs Shirtless Fockers (0-4): Magic’s team may never lose again.  They’ve overcome Buck Ripcord’s collapse down to a 239 average just fine.  Brooklyn’s 206 average is no surprise, but getting a 196 out of the #3 guy G-Unit certainly is.  I don’t know who Wolf is, but she’s the top woman, so their top lineup averages around 785.  Yikes.  The Fockers have yet to get a win and this doesn’t look like the night.  They’ve really struggled to back up Ding Dong.  I can’t help them win but I can give Ruby this breakdown of the styles of each of Magic’s bowlers.

The Six Tits (2-2) -5 vs Yes is More (1-3):  As far as the Tits, Lala and G Boi are keeping the team going, and with a win tonight they’ll stay in the thick of the playoff chase.  Yes Is More is unlikely to be in thick of that race.  Farmer’s team has struggled since crushing my team week 1, and don’t seem to be turning the corner.  Farmer is so despondent he couldn’t even write lines tonight.  He might think he’s better off, as people complain publicly about being made fun of, but in reality it’s probably more like this clip of Farmer at Howie’s postgame. They’d just rather you mention them!


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