Tuesday B

Season Pick Record: 36-16 (69%) – Last week: 3-4 (43%)



#8 Budweiser’s (3-4) -7 vs. #13 Split AF (2-5)

Budweiser’s had a tough night last week; despite having one of their best nights of the season, they still only got 4 points against Trolls.  Tonight, they’re up against Splits AF fresh off their bye.  I think everyone on Splits AF would say they’ve had a rather disappointing inaugural season.  I think the disappointment will continue tonight as Bud’s wins big to get back in the win column.


#6 Bowl Trolls (4-3) -3 vs. #9 Bowling Stones (3-4)  

Bowl Trolls bounced back nicely after their underwhelming night against top Strikes.  Took care of business and are into the ‘easy’ stretch of their schedule.  Bowling Stones is coming off their bye week, and also having a disappointing season; a sub 500 record and they haven’t played Trolls, Hookers or Strikes yet.  I got them keeping it close tonight with their fresh arms, but it won’t be enough.  It’s going to be a long remaining five weeks for Stones.



#2 N.E.D. (7-1) -9 vs. #14 Poultry Assoc. (2-6)

NED hasn’t looked back since their Week 2 loss to Trolls.  Last week they played down to their competition against Mindz, had their worst match average of the season and still took 13.  NED runs into Poultry Assoc who had themselves a big upset win last week.  They have been trying to claw out of the basement by steadily improving the last few weeks.  Poultry is going to need everything they got to upset NED.  I have NED winning in two.



#1 Strikes on Tap (7-0) -5 vs. #3 Incredibowls (6-2)

Tuesday B Game of the Week, again its Strikes on Tap who are up against Incredibowls this week.  Three times I have picked Strikes to lose and they have proved me wrong.  Well I learned my lesson, I have Strikes winning tonight, and if they do, they will coast through the rest of the season with a perfect record.  Incredibowls shouldn’t be taken lightly, they’re third in the standings for a reason.


#4 Brooklyn Hookers (5-2) -13 vs. #15 B.I.L.F. (2-6)

I’m not surprised Hookers lost to Strikes last week.  Though, I am surprised they only took 2 points!  Not the best week to bowl sub 600 for only the second time this season.  BILF is on a hot streak winning two in a row with a huge upset win over Burners last week.  The win takes them out of last place for the first time in weeks!  It will be short-lived, BILF’s winning streak ends tonight.  I have yet to predict a shutout…. Thought about it with this game.


#5 Wrecking Balls (5-2) -9 vs. #11 Burners (3-5)

Wrecking Balls found themselves in a thrilling bowl-off for the second match in a row.  However, this time they fell just short, losing to BARE by two.  Wrecking Balls gets a breather this week playing Burners who just lost 4-11 to last place BILF.  I have no idea how Burners let that happen…  whatever they were smoking last week; sign me up for an elbow!  I think Wrecking Balls wins in two, but you might want to hang around just in case they have a bowl-off for the THIRD week in a row.


#7 B.A.R.E. (4-4) -5 vs. #12 Ball That (2-5)

BARE should still be riding high after that huge upset over Wrecking Balls.  The entire bowl-off BARE was behind.  It didn’t help that Garlic leaves an open fifth frame, but he redeems himself to strike out in the tenth to win by two.  I don’t think BARE will need such heroics tonight.  They are up against Ball That who just a few weeks ago were in sixth place.  Ball That is now in 12th in what has to be the quickest late season slide I think I’ve ever seen.   BARE extends their winning streak easily tonight.

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