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The calendar has turned to March, which means next month we will crown a champion for BoPo XIII! Crazy how the time flies…our mid-season doldrums are over, and now its time to ramp it up for the final stretch. Before we start the Thursday A lines, a quick congrats to Tuesday for winning the All-Star game. Lets all hope it’s the last title from Tuesday for the year! Pulling for another Thursday BoPo title in 2020. And one more thing, welcome back Yung Shirtless! Looks like he learned a lot in California:

Early Matches (also known as this: )
GOB (-3) v. Touch My Excitement – A lot of weeks ago I would have predicted a blowout. A few weeks ago I would have predicted a Touch victory. Now, I think it’s a close one, but some big scores from GOB will get them the win this week. This is a “loser does the dishes” match for Lil’ Bit and Holden. But then I realized Holden hasn’t used an actual plate in his place in 3 years. And he hasn’t cooked a meal in 4 and a half. So maybe they will be betting some other domestic duties on this match. This is Holden if they lose:

Lil’ Bit was an awesome podcast guest this week, and is liking her time with Touch. She gave a lot of credit to Captain Uno, even if she forgot 8-bit was on her team. She is a threat for Most Improved for sure, and is coming off an All-Star appearance. And tonight will walk right into a loss. Lil Bit leaving the lanes via the side door later tonight:

Smooth landing!

LOS (-7) v. Tattoos and Titties – I got to play LOS last week. In game 1, they put up 280, 243, and 211. Not too shabby. Posted a 247 and 222 in game 2. A 256 in game 3. Sheesh. Take it easy guys, save some for the playoffs. Putt Putt seeing me come up to him at the bar to give him that advice:

T &T had a great start to the season, but now they have slid back to the pack on Thursday, and will get spanked by LOS this evening. Gerg and Train Conductor still can put up numbers, but not like LOS. Trust me, I had my best week of the season last week, and lost my points by 65 pins in game 1, then 24 pins in game 2. This is how the past 5 weeks have gone for T&T:

DHD (-3) v. TDYOB – This one will be closer that you think, mostly because TDYOB plans to poison DHD with a ton of weed edibles for dessert at their combined pot-luck team dinner this evening before heading in to Bayside.

Mo $ will be making some Baked Cheesy Polenta with Bolognese sauce (we love our gluten free teammates!), I am bringing a green salad, Thunder bringing some pasta salad, and Spare-O will probably swing through Shaws and buy some store-made cupcakes for dessert. Perfect choice for the diabetic. DHD is rolling very well, but last time out on Thursday they ran into the LOS express. They bounced back earlier this week with a win against Bingas, and I like their chances at a 2 win week tonight. G-Force will roll well as always. G-Force, we all love the guy, but few of us know he went through some tough times in the 80’s. He even spilled his guts on public access TV back in the day (highly recommend to watch this all the way through):

Fun fact: A couple years ago when DHD had a huge crew Doc Moose flirted with leaving his team and joining TDYOB (this was before we decided to ruin Spare-O’s life instead). Here is a clip from our interview with Doc Moose:

I feel for you, Lil’ Pickle. Don’t let IT get to you!

Average Bros (-5) v. Leisure Rolls – Now that Gatch has left town, Leisure Rolls would love to get the shit taste of his visit out of their mouths and grab a win. But the defending Thursday A champs are doing just fine, and I expect either Soccer Dad’s brother or Dentists’s brother to join Northpaw’s brother in leading them to victory. Here are the boys from Average Bros (with an assist from E Minor and Danny Deisel) last weekend at Southpaw’s brother’s house:

Pretty obvious, but yes that was The Dentist. In classic Leisure Rolls fashion, they will compete for every point. And they will lose most of them in a heartbreaking manner. Look for Fisher Price to continue to be huge for Average Bros, and flip the scores late to get her team the points they need for a win. Here is Dutch on Friday mornings after the binge of Thursday night:

Y &B2 (-5) v. Lion’s Den – I am not sure how a team that averages a 746 loses 3 games in a season, but here we are in Bopo 2020. (Actually, I know exactly how they’ve lost 3 games, but I like Pistol Pete too much to mention the reasons).

The Lion’s Den have shown they can compete with anyone. But this seems like too tall a task for them tonight. King Ding Dong, All Day Lemay, and Crackerjack will prove to be too much. I’m not expecting another 234 from Duck, and Mountain Man and Otis can’t keep up with those studs, so chalk one up for Y&B2. Speaking of chalk, congrats to Cerrano for getting a brick on Tuesday!! Invisible Hand, bust out the paint, man. No chalk this time.

****** Match of the Night ******

Hexy’s Hooligans (-1) v. BUI – I have been waffling on this match all week. I really could see it go either way, but I will pick Hexy’s Hooligans to find a way to win tonight in a close one over BUI. The way I see this match, a lot of points will be determined by less than 10 pins, with plenty of 185 – 181 type scores determining points. Confirmed dude Clam Hands, Flatline, Lobsterman, and Tommy Torpedo can all roll great scores. Duke Thunderwood and Snapshot are having great years, and they will need some big scores from G-Unit to help get them over the top. Fun battle for average happening on BUI, with Wolf and Whiskey Pete fighting it out, only separated by 0.1 pins. We don’t always admit it, but trust me, Wolf is rooting for Whiskey Peter to continue to struggle so she can overtake him in average. And after Whiskey Pete rains down some “Whiskey Dick” chants after strikes tonight, he’ll get to remind Wolf of this:

For those who never watched that show, highly recommended. Amazing stuff.

Bork will be coming in hot tonight….

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  1. I know Doc is biased, but these lines are next level good. Fake G Force from that video just got signed for TDYOB next season.

    1. Let’s go, dude with the meaningless degree…Get those lines to Hungus so we can read you trash on the abysmal Thursday B. Fucking Narc.

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