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So much to talk about, I’m not sure where to start. Before we get to the fun part, please remember these are all jokes. Really, I’m just fuckin’ around. You’re all family here. Granted, it’s usually just me (and maybe a few more) that laugh at everything, but really this is all in good fun.

Congrats on the 300, Cerrano. How many Teas did you pound in the parking lot before the big game? I think I counted 4 or 5 empties on my way in. Here’s Cerrano after getting out of his car in the lot…

Here’s one just because …

Now to the lines!

Bowl Thugs (-2) vs. XXX Club

Tough loss at the MIST, Bucky. Get ready to take it out on the Thugs. Thugs captain, Jail Bait, is too focused on finding holes in his life to fill to think about bowling, so he won’t be a threat. That being said, Cleveland, Cox, and Gravy can all go off, and will roll well tonight. Other than Ripcord, Club in general hasn’t been rolling well. Sorry, Roadhouse, but, tight game, Thugs win.

Bait skipped Howie’s to go visit his new lady, here’s how it went …

Saucy Posse vs. Oddballs (-12)

Posse takes it in the ass on this one…No looking back, Splinter.

Hey Posse, big fan of the new heater of a track you guys just dropped. Let’s have a look at the music video:  Better than your bowling, so there’s that.

Bingas (-6) vs. SOD

Yeah, yeah, Jerk didn’t message me about that Orange Chicken dude. It was that fucking narc, Thunder. Props on the gaff, Narc. At least you got something right this week. 102.5 average last Thursday? Holy shit is that bad. Granted, I know you looked like you were cast for ‘Weekend At Bernies 3’, but damn, dude! Coronavirus packs more heat then you do, Narc.

Here’s Thunder being helped by Double Cheese and Space Farmer after the game:

Danny and Couch are having impressive seasons, sporting 194.6 and 207.5 averages, respectively, and together have nineteen 200+ games. But, that’s not going to be enough to stop the energy of Bingas. Their team energy is infectious! This one should be close, but Bingas keeps crushing pins.

Danny, maybe pay your tab before getting this shitty  …

Skol (-14) vs. OC

Aight, so, OC, you’re having a rough go. It’s all good guys. Season is over. There’s always next year. Though, I kinda doubt that. But at least you can party your asses off for the next month! Let’s take a quick look at stats for this game…

Off Constantly // Wins – 0, Losses – 9 … Points – 36 … Average – 634.4

Skol // Wins – 8, Losses – 1 … Points – 88.5 … Average – 723.7

Other then Cleaner, I think you all can see who the fuck is gonna win. Take those shots and blackout early OC, you’re gonna want to forget this game even happened.

Should be about what the game looks like …

Sharks vs. Shake N Bake (-6)

Sharks rolled really well last week, all due to the fact that they consumed half of what they normally would, which got rid of the shakes, and boy did it pay off. Dick & Co love the bottle more than they like winning, so this one goes to SnB. Shake n Bake is looking good.  Well, most of them. Everyone but Glossy is rolling well. Guess that makes one person that’s struggling with this pattern. Well, two. That Narc Thunder is tanking, too. LaLa, Tango, and, yes, even you, Squatch will have what it takes to get the win.

Deputy after his third bucket of Truly …

BEER (-8) vs. Guac (crossover)

Two drinking titans collide in what will probably be the most fun game to watch for Tuesday A. This will be a tough one for Guac to pull out. It’s a late game, Dick will be half in the bag by 3pm, and three sheets to the wind by the time the game starts. I don’t see Guac being able to pull this one out against BEER. Badger and Mitch are pummeling pins, but, the team falls off real fuckin’ quick after that. BEER on the other hand has 3 dudes over a 200 average. Guac takes it to 3, but BEER gets the win. Who cares though, it’ll be a fucking party!

Whitman driving the team to Howie’s post loss …

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