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Hi everyone,

I’ve appreciated everyone’s comments about finding some solace or escape in their recent bowling visits.  It means so much to me, and I share the sentiment.  With that said, out of an abundance of caution and concern for and from my staff and bowlers, we are shutting down for at least a week.  The men’s doubles qualifying Sunday morning 3/15 is still on, and that will be the last event until at least March 23rd.  We will reassess next week once we have had a little more time to understand what the ‘new normal’ looks like.  The women’s qualifying on 3/22 will be moved to April 5.  If folks want to access their bowling equipment feel free to come in Sunday morning to grab what you need.  I will be at the lanes a lot throughout the week as well.

As for the schedule, next week’s games will be skipped, and hopefully we can pick up where we left off by 3/24.  Anticipating Thunder’s comment, no, this is not an elaborate ploy to avoid playing Binga’s haha.

Thanks you all for understanding this, it is an extremely difficult and scary decision to make as a small business.  Hopefully it is a just a short blip on the BoPo season.


8 thoughts on “A Message To BoPo

  1. I hope all of you are doing well, and continuing to heed the advice of the experts through these trying times. For those who are struggling, this video lets you know the secret ingredient to surviving your self-isolation:

    Stay Safe everyone!

  2. Fuck I miss BoPo. Not just the bowling and the fun we all get. Sure Tuesday and Thursday nights are why we all do this, but I miss all the other time I spend with you all even more. I miss seeing you all in other random places in between bowling. I miss the excited feeling of sneaking out of work early to get a few rounds of practice and a Don Carter 39 in my belly. I miss seeing Hexy and Brandy and Jaylebait at the front desk. I miss Mona. I miss talking steelers with Dawn. Fuck it’s been less than a week.

    BoPo, you’re the best
    Communal love for bowling
    Really, it’s the people

    Hope everyone is managing our there in the world. Stressful times. Take care of your loved ones and stay healthy.

  3. Considering 1/3 of our team is pregnant, I appreciate the move to keep us all safe. It’ll be weird not bowling this week, but it’s for a good reason. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, Hungus!

  4. Hello BoPo,

    Just eight weeks ago, you extended your home to me and I was overjoyed to chronicle your special place. Hungus, Rick Vaughn, Jerk, Herbn’ Legend, Brandy, Hexy, Mindz in the Gutter — and everyone — thank you for your patience with my numerous questions and my errant ball. You are all what’s best about this world: funny, kind, passionate and welcoming. No one could have guessed that just as bowling was coming back, the world would change. I have a feeling that even though the virus has shut down the league temporarily, your spirit will continue to thrive virtually. That’s just who you are. For a community that relies on small businesses, this is a daunting time, I know. Here’s to upcoming warm nights on the roof and a PBA League to celebrate it all.

    Be safe everyone.

    Lois Lane (Liz Robbins)

  5. I applaud you for making the right decision here Karl. While BoPo is what keeps us all sane, we need to slow this this virus down as much as possible. As we are now seeing schools close, more businesses will have to follow suit.

    We’re all going to feel more isolated. Lets keep up the talk here on the board in the meantime to keep us feeling good despite this setback. And just think how good it will feel when we get to restart BoPo after what is hopefully only a brief time away.

    Roll BoPo!!!


  6. Charlie it is the right call. I have changed my view on this over the last week. We need to be proactive to save medical resources for those who need them, our parents, elders, and the sick. Good decision and t$ and Mrs t$ support you.

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