BoPo Just on Hold

Hey BoPo, just wanted to clarify a few things. The 2020 BoPo season is not done, we will still be playing for a banner. The plan is one (to two) weeks of regular season whenever we return, followed by a modified playoffs. We will also still be doing doubles and king/queen shit. Obviously things will be a bit different being in the Summer (hopefully!) but we will still bowl, and even still have a bowling ball. Maybe the party even moves to the roof!

Anyway, just wanted to clear that up. Keep your Wes Andersen costumes and your dreams for a banner. See you when I see you


2 thoughts on “BoPo Just on Hold

  1. I had a beautiful 15 minutes in my life yesterday.

    Driving to Whole Foods after work and decided to just drive to Bayside and sit in the parking lot.

    Found some BoPo friends who must have been thinking the same thing. Everyone parked 2 slots away from each other and stood around, about 10 feet apart, and had a beverage. Was honestly the best moment I’ve had in the last 17 days.

    Thank you BoPo. Cannot wait to get this season going again!!!

    1. This almost made me cry happy tears. Looking forward to the BoPo Ball whenever that happens!

      Thank you, Hungus/Charlie for a light at the end of this horrible tunnel!

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