Bowler of The Week Interview: Week 5, N Sauce, Saucy Posse

N Sauce, congratulations on Bowler of the Week.  Did you see this coming?

Wow….definately surprised…..I had a pretty consistent week, but did not expect that to be Bowler of the Week material.   Does your team often eat dinner together?

We all have pretty busy schedules, but we try a least a few times a month…….more often during football season.   Which Saucier brother would be Ben Affleck, and which one Casey (and which one Matt Damon)?

PSauce would have to be Ben he is the oldest and the team leader, DSauce would be Casey the young, wild and crazy brother, and RSauce (my husband) gets to be Matt Damon (I’ll be Sarah Silverman)  Last week you rolled a 138, 137 and 139.  Are you this consistent in all aspects of your life?

Last week was pretty consistent for me, I usually have an off game, I would say about the same in most aspects of my life.     Is Frank like the little stepbrother on the team?

We have adopted Frank as one of our own, I wouldn’t say he is like the little stepbrother because he is the oldest member……he’s just a brother from another mother (Tony Danza) 

 How do you like Saucy Posse’s playoff chances?

I think we have what it takes to do very well in the playoffs, we will all need to focus and bring our “A” game      Any other comments?

hitchhikers…….pick em up! 

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