Bowler of the Week: Week 9 – The Dude, Purple Haze

Congratulations on Bowler of the Week.  What did you change in your game to get your score boost?
I had just the right amount to drink, not too much, not too little, and I stared all night at the little arrow in the middle.  That, and I tried to incorporate some of Lula’s patented leg-kick-into-deep-knee-bend form.  I was being the ball I guess.

You were boasting about your 200+ game before you finished?  What was going on there?

Oh no, I wasn’t boasting.  I pointed out the scoring screen to your team because I needed independent confirmation that I wasn’t imagining things.  I usually get a few strikes or spares per game and this game I had 9 in the first 9 frames, or ‘hands’ as I like to call them.  It is entirely possible that the appearance of a boast caused a disturbance in the force and led to the near-mis 9 on the 10th ‘hand, costing me what would’ve been a perfect game as measured by 10 extra-point ‘hands’.  That 9 felt like taking a no-hitter into the bottom of the ninth inning and giving up a bloop single.  Those were still the 9 strongest innings of my career, but not boastfully.

Your team picked up a much needed win. Do you think you’ve turned the corner after the midseason losing streak?

Well it was a really good showing for us after a bit of a free-fall into 11th place.  I’d say that yeah, we’ve turned some corners for sure.  We turned the wrong way out of the gate like I usually do when driving, and now we are turning back again thanks to the on-board nav system and some steady improvement across the ranks.  Every haze roller has the ability to win points, so we’re all excited to try and finish strong.  These next 2 weeks are key in trying to eke out a spot or two and avoid those top-tier buzzsaws come playoff time.  And it looks like 10th place is only 6 points behind 4th place right now…

First J-Dawg broke 200, then you. Who’s next?

Wow – never thought I’d see the day for myself – though I knew J-dawg had it in him.  Lefty is the odds-on fav next 200-breaker.  He’s knocked on the door only to mis-time his smoke breaks and beer-line waits, causing some lost focus.  So my money is on Lefty, but you know, J-dawg and Imoan have been in St John, and with that R&R boost watch out for I-moan on her next games.

Can you guys make a run at the title?

We’ve shown flashes of big scoring and some chemistry – and most importantly unpredictability.  So you never know if we might be sandbagging our way through the mid-season to help catch you off-guard come playoff time.  Then again, we might not.  So you see what I mean, right?

Any other comments?

None of us had ever bowled more than once every few years (?) before this league thing.  I was part of the party – your party – where the idea was hatched – and I gotta tell you it has been outstanding for all of team purple haze.  I could not have imagined having a ‘bowling night’ but now Tuesday nights rock.  Nice job on the league!

I also have to give a nod to Lula and H-stein – who not only have brought some strong games to the table, but the style points are second to none.  They both have special moves after big ‘hands’ – watch for them…

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  1. i forgot to say thanks to my staff – there was a lot of pressure on me to bowl well last week – Councilor Donoghue made his 2nd guest appearance for Team MGI/Purple Haze – he adopted the nomme-du-BOWL ‘GB’, which we thought stood for Green Bowler but actually means Ginger Balls. GB threw ’em hard and racked up major points. And immediately to my left was Chuupuucrabbra, showing well himself. I had to bowl big to confirm the company pecking order.

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