Party Crashers? (UPDATED)


Well BowlPortland, in one whirlwind night we eliminated eight teams.  We are down to our Final Four.  The matchups are set.  The ridiculously sweet trophy is in my trunk.  Now we play the games.

The one-and-done prelim rounds turned out to be even more intense than I had imagined.  That’s a whole lot of pressure (though so far we have avoided the ultimate in pressure – a one game bowloff to break a tie).  Binga’s, Purple Haze, and Happy Hands advanced easily, but the Spare Us – 3 Livers game came down to the last ball.  Needing 16 pins to tie in the final frame, Bernie picked up the must-have spare.  6 to tie, seven to win.  Shockingly, the surehanded Bernie rolled a five, and a hushed Spare Us crept into the quarters.

The quarterfinal matchups were glorious.  First, a rematch of the Week One maroon-off.  That’s a lot of Maroon!  The Dirty Half Dozen retained their title as the “Most Maroon” with a walloping of Spare Us, but there was a lot of hugging and smiling.  Second, sibling rivalry.  The Dude is on a tear, and he paced his Haze to a major upset over the #2 seeded Balls and their Cpatian, his sister, Bubbles.  Lefty also chipped in a 185.  Should the cinderella Haze reach the finals, the Dude will be out of the country.  We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Happy Hands rallied for 8.5-6.5 win over Hungus’ BEER.  They lost game one 5-0 before turning it on.  Hannaford is anti-bowling.  Finally, Off Constantly, miffed at all the attention being lavished on the upstart Ringa’s, reasserted their dominance.  They appear to be on amission to sip sweet nectar from The Cup.  Speaking of which, we need a name for the trophy.  Lombardi Trophy is taken, and Stanley Cup, but along those lines.  Submissions welcome.

So, there may be a shcedule shift to Thursday for the title game and all-star game, but as of now they are still on Friday.  Please let me know if you are an all-start that can’t make the all star game.

Current all-star roster:

Pinstigator, $3 G       Hank, 3 Livers

Wilma, 3 Livers         R Sauce, SauPo

NSauce, SauPo         Beebop, Pinups

Frenchy, Spare Us Wing Alex, Binga’s

Bubbles, Balls

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