Los Finales

#1 Off Constantly vs # 3 Dirty Half Dozen

C’mon, you saw this one coming.  DHD jumped out to an early lead with some dominating performances early in the season.  They held that lead until they ran into Off Constantly in week 6, and the OC Boys put it to them 10-5.  That led to a losing streak for DHD, and Off Constantly took over the top spot and has held on to it.  Now they meet again.  OC has cruised through the playoffs, taking out a game Binga’s Ringas and the sex addicts of Happy Hands Productions.  DHD has struggled a bit with their scores, but ultimately done enough to put away Spare Us and Purple Haze.  Tonight they meet for all the marbles. 

Gametime is 8 pm, lanes 3-4.  Lanes 1, 2, 5 and 6 are reserved for BowlPortland fans.  Roy and Karl will be covering the game for BPSN, game will be available on DVD after the season, but be there live and have stories to tell your grandchildren.

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