Bowler of The Week – Week 1: Jamaican Jerk, Binga’s Ringas

BP: Congrats on Bowler of the Week. how did you get recruited to Binga’s?

JJ: Well after spending countless hours at bingas they became a 2nd family.So when i heard they had a bowling team i knew it was my duty to join and represent bingas to the fullest.Every strike,and there will be many, is for Al, J.D.and all the bingas employee’s.Much love and respect!


What kind of incentives are in your contract?

As stated in page 420 of my contract, i am not at liberty to divulge that information.


Are you a real Jamaican?  A real Jerk?Although my name derives from one of bingas numerous tantalizing sauces, I feel i have a little Jamaican running through my veins when reggae is in the air…or DOWN BY THE BEEEEAAAACCH.  Lets see here…am i a jerk…i don’t THINK so,but everyone has a right to their opinion,even if its wrong


How did you overcome opening night jitters?

Couldn’t have done it without my teammates but the pbr, pbr, long trail,shot,pbr helped as well


Last year there was a bit of a “bowler of the  week” curse…how do you prevent a letdown?

I may never win again or i may win every week.The fact i won at all eliminates any possibility of a let down.Any other comments?I would like take a min. if i could…. to thank you..”Karl”  for all the time and effort you put into this league .Its absolutely amazing.The people are great,the beer will flow.. and the pins shall fall!thanks again! LORD HAVE MERCY.

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