Inaugural Bowl

So, Karl is in DC for the weekend and will miss Tuesday’s game.  (Good news for Team BEER, however, is that Harlyn P and Toonces are down here too).  League co-founder Bubbles will step in and run the show.  This week’s 50/50 proceeds will go the Binga’s Employee Relief Fund.  Last week the winner of $95 was an unnamed player on the Alley-Gash rollers. There will still be game previews on Monday (or Sunday) up on this webpage, but Week 2 game writeups and updated leaders will be postponed until Thursday.  Week 2 postgame at GREAT LOST BEAR!  Pregame, for those who want to, is at the Snug, hosted by Die Gassenjungen.Week 1 postgame was decent, not great.  Saucy Posse, Die Gassenjungen, Off Constantly, 3 Livers, BEER, Alley Gash Rollers and DMB were there – where were you?� In the meantime, Shank has chronicled the Incredibowls’ opener on 

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