Bowler of the Week Interview: Week 2 – Little P, Dirty Half Dozen

BP:  Hi Little P. Congratulations on Bowler of The Week!  What was your first reaction when you heard you’d won?

LP:  Wow — I’ve accomplished all there is to accomplish in life!  And on inauguration night! 

BP:  Why did you change your name from Princess to Little P this offseason?

LP:  Obviously, Little P is a better bowler,  and Princess was *so* last season.

BP:  What did you think when you got your ‘hambone’? Do you prefer turkey or hambone?

LP:  In the winter, hambone is the way to go (Pirate makes a mean split-pea).  In the fall, turkey.  As for what I was thinking, my Captain, Riggs, described it best to our DC teammates:  “P’s inner cheerleader came out with an awe-inspiring display of windmill/leap/ jump/scream thingys.”  There were no thoughts, just pure joy.

BP:  What do you think of your tough division, and the fast starts of Off Constantly and Binga’s Ringas?

LP:  We’re in a tough division? We just bowl what we know and clean our plates.

BP:  Any other comments?

LP:  I just want to thank my team for all their support — they love me, they really love me!

Little P!

One thought on “Bowler of the Week Interview: Week 2 – Little P, Dirty Half Dozen

  1. Little P is so awesome.
    Little P is better than sausage and syrup.
    Little P invented cold fusion.
    Little P saved the planet from a huge asteroid last night.
    Little P owns your ass, but she’ll let you keep it as a loan.

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