Week 3 Lines

Game of the Week: Binga’s Ringas (-5) vs. Pud’s Taxi

Pud’s Taxi is dangerous, on many levels.  For example, you might walk in on one of their team meetings innocently enough on a Monday evening and be forced to drink six Hampshires, thus undermining your game on Tuesday.  Or, you might call for a ride and freeze outside waiting for a car that never arrives.  Or, most importantly, you may be a top team looking ahead to a week 5 showdown and run into some trouble.  Tonight this upstart team gets a chance to make a name for itself by going up against the Binga’s juggernaut.  Jamaican Jerk and Danny Diesel have powered Binga’s to a near perfect start, but tonight could come down to Hot Mango Mike, for while Binga’s is throwing up eye popping scores at the top of the ticket, Pud’s has amazing consistency 1-4.  Is it enough to steal this game?  I doubt it, but it is enough to push them a bit.  Look out for Honey’s new fashion statement – I fully expect it to sweep the league.  Finally, Pud’s is now selling team merchandise – tshirts are available at Awful Annie’s.

Other Games:

Derelicte My Balls (-6) vs. Strikes of Hazzard:  My Balls have to get hot sometime.  I think it’s this week in honor of a missing Bubbles.  The Strikes may try to ply them with homemade moonshine.

Three Livers (-2) vs. Incredibowls: This is an interesting Pacific Division clash.  The Incredibowls have danced off to a fast start, but I’ll take the experience.

Urban Achievers (-5) vs. Hyper-Bowl-E: The now co-ed Urban Achievers proved even stronger with the addition of Pinky.  HBE surprised last week, but this is a tall order.

B.E.E.R. (-3) vs. Alley-Gash Rollers: This battle for first in the Power Family Division could be very family-unfriendly.  B.E.E.R.’s fate may rest on the Filthy Hooker, and the Rollers drop F-Bombs like sailors.

Happy Hands (-10) vs. Maine Yacht Club: Speaking of sailors, MYC is still adrift, but eventually will find their way with Sextant.  Happy Hands may take out their frustration from a Week 1 shutout.

DHD (-11) vs. Three Fingered Willies:  DHD is loving the chance to fly under the radar, but that’s probably over – they’re too good not to talk about.  They welcome back Harlyn P and Toonces tonight.  The Willies need Big Papa K to show up, and a Pin Whisperer revival.

Off Constantly (-11) vs. I.C.B.I.N.G.: OC’s on cruise control (and white Russians).  ICBING’s just going to be happy to get this one over with early in the season.

UPDATED (I need that website upgrade) Gutterballs (-0) vs. Lesbowlians:  Butch has gotten stronger since learning about foot faults, and the Lesbowlians may unveil a few new moves tonight,  but they probably won’t have enough to beat a Gutterballs squad intent on staying in the Top 10.

Young and the Bowled (-1) vs. Great Lost Spares:  Y & B have a new edge about them.  They definitely prefer the underdog role however.  The Spares may play looser without the pressure of hosting postgame.

Saucy Posse (-3) vs. Pinups: Walter and the Sauces are psyched to be out of the corner, and look to really make some noise.  The Oft-Injured Chunk made a huge impact for the Pinups last week, but has never played more than one night in a season.

Purple Haze (-3) vs. Die Gassenjüngen: Ausgezeichnet!  I fully expect to not understand anything being said on these lanes tonight.  Stop by if you want to get your Deutsch on.  Die Gass will be working hard to bring people to their postgame at the Snüg.

Roll Another (-4) vs. Sweet Rolls: Roll Another is off to a fast start, and look to punish the secessionist Rolls.  Sugar is too sweet to get wrapped up in the rivalry against her old captain.

Last Week: 9-4

Overall:     19-7

2 thoughts on “Week 3 Lines

  1. id like to give a shout out to Dink,crips, and the rest of Puds Taxi… they made us work for every point, and we applaud them for that.it was a pleasure bowling with u guys and we as a team look forward to the upincoming weeks.. also please check out the Jamaican Jerk myspace page… for the fans by the fans,,, RREEESSPPEECCT

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