It’s Bowling Night…

And the feeling’s right, oh yeah it’s bowling night, oh what a night

Romantic bowler, mm single roller
Mm, Sophisticated kegler!
Come on you disco bowler, yeah…

Yeah yeah, atomic dog.  Jay will be dj-ing fulltime this week, should be interesting.  I’m available for dances, ladies, three dollars a song.

Tough games to pick this week. I also kind of tapped out my writing in last week’s write-ups, which attracted a record high number of page visits, and a record low number of comments, so these are short and uninspired.




Urban Achievers (-3) vs. Three Livers: The league’s top two ladies square off in a huge Pacific Division contest.  Pinky has the overall lead, but Wilma’s on fire, putting up a 174 last week.  I give that edge to Wilma, but the rest of The Achievers look too strong for the livers, like grain alcohol.  The Achievers are also an expansion team looking to make their mark, while the Livers are vets, and may keep their powder dry.

Incredibowls (-2) vs. Young and the Bowled: These are two of the teams I always guess wrong on, so, I guess this means the Young and the Bowled will win.

Sweet Rolls (-0.5) vs. Gutterballs: The winner should be in first in the Joy Division. Looks like a completely even matchup to me.

B.E.E.R. (-3) vs. Die Gassenjungen: Hungus has been practicing with Uli. What does that mean? I have no idea. Roy G. Biv’s return is big, but Fern has been called back to D.C.

Binga’s Ringas (-13) vs. Three Fingered Willies: I think Wing Alex is returning – Binga’s won’t look ahead to Week 5 showdown.

I.C.B.I.N.G. (-5) vs. Maine Yacht Club: The good news is that MYC is returning to the lanes after a one week break. ICBING glad to be done with Off Constantly.

Great Lost Spares (-3) vs. Roll Another: Roll Another still emotional wrecks after last week’s awkward reunion. Spares are so hot right now.

Purple Haze (-5) vs. Strikes of Hazzard: Eventually the Haze has to win, right? Their average is top 6. Things smell rotten in Hazzard County.

Alley-Gash Rollers (-4) vs. DMB: No Bubbles, no glory. Last week they couldn’t even field a team. Rollers meanwhile picking up steam.

Pud’s Taxi (-3) vs. Lesbowlians: Clash of styles here. Pud’s wins on the strength of the Mullet.

DHD (-2) vs. Saucy Posse: A great throwback game. SauPo haven’t played as well since the players changed their names. Walter may have a breakout game, but I like DHD’s depth.

Off Constantly (-12) vs. Happy Hands Productions: Maybe Sasha has a little magic up her sleeve, but OC is clicking right now. I think they continue.

Pinups (-2) vs. Hyper-Bowl-E: HBE looks to rebound from last week’s shutout. Pinups most unpredictable team in the league.

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