Bowler of the Week: Week 4 – Bones, Roll Another

BP: Congrats on Bowler of the week.  How does it feel?  Did you expect this?
Bones: This is single handedly the greatest feeling of my entire life and it will remain so until I die.  Did I expect this? When someone wins $312 million on a Powerball ticket do you think they expected it?

 BP: I hate to bring you back to a tough memory, but tell me how the split of your team has affected you?  How did it feel to play them last week?

Bones: I was glad to see them go. Times with the team last year were real tough. The drinking, the drugging, the violence, the excessive 50/50 winnings all going towards more drinking and drugging. The match against them last week brought up horrible memories and triggered my PTSD which in turn led me to bowl horribly. That “off” week inspired me to come back and play the greatest week of my life….so far.
BP: What’s been the key to your improvement from 2008?
Bones: I owe my improvement to 3 Livers, their team chemistry inspired me to relax and eat more whoopie pie cakes.

BP: Do you think your team can win the division?  How far do you see yourselves going in 2009?
Bones: We will win the division. We will go to the top….or until we play Bingas.

BP: Why is your name Bones?

Bones: My name is Bones because I am huge and have a lot of muscles. One of those calling the big guy “Tiny” sort of things.

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