Week 6 Lines

Postgame is at Great Lost Bear.

As mentioned in the last post, I am aware there are some sponsors we haven’t hit yet.  We will get to everyone.

Also, I have started a new page on the sidebar: Special Offers.  It has league related deals, discounts and promotions.  Check now for Energy Audit info from one of our bowlers.

Purple Haze (-1) vs. Three Livers:  A couple of underachieving teams meet on the far reaches of the alley.  I’m picking Purple Haze with Bernie missing, but maybe this “Fred” will surprise.

Roll Another (-3) vs. Lesbowlians:  Roll Another continues to rack up points, trying to hold off a hard charging Pud’s.  I am worried about a Lesbowlian riot tonight unless I can fix the speakers near lane 3.

Die Gassenjungen (-2) vs. Derelicte My Balls: If either of these teams win big they can stay in the hunt for the Power Family crown.  Bad news for both teams – I think this will be a close one.  Is it Uli’s week to wear the dress?

Hyper-Bowl-E (-1) vs Maine Yacht Club: Miss Moxie is using pink ink, and riding in on a unicorn tonight to lift team spirits.  MYC is sticking to the more traditional barrels of rum.

Binga’s Ringas (-5) vs. Saucy Posse:  I do think the challenge of facing the top team will bring out the best from SauPo.  Walter needs his 2008 game to make a guest appearance.  Binga’s can’t sit on their five point lead, and now have the target on them.

Happy Hands Productions (-2) vs. Gutterballs:  Upset alert!  I feel like HHP is getting their suensuality back.  A very sexy matchup tonight with the Nomians.

Pinups (-8) vs. Incredibowls:  Two teams heading in different directions.  The Pinups are starting to focus on a top 4 finish – the Incredibowls are starting to focus on an end of year choreographed dance routine to “Father Figure”.

Pud’s Taxi (-5) vs. Young and the Bowled:  Mullet watch – week 4.  Special K needs to get her troops straightened out, as without her they started to throw in the towel.  Senator ITZ looks like a lock for three points, but Dink has more weapons.

DHD (-1) vs. Off Constantly:  Upset alert 2!  This games means more to DHD – they’ve been stewing on last year’s finals loss for 12 months.  Plus, OC is still rattled by last week’s loss.  Pirate time.

B.E.E.R. (-3) vs. I.C.B.I.N.G.: Frankly, there’s no way Peanut Gutter can stop Karl’s hammer.  It’s the hammer of the gods.  While they argue that point, Cheddar and Filthy will rack up enough pins for a BEER victory.

Urban Achievers (-12) vs. Three Fingered Willies:   Uh oh.  New league bullies take on new league whipping boys.  This one could get ugly.  Luckily, Pin Whisperer is rediscovering his inner whisperer and Dirk is a fearless captain.

Sweet Rolls (-2) vs Great Lost Spares:  This one is the most likely game of the season to degenerate into a hug off.

AG Rollers (-5) vs. Strikes of Hazzard: General Lee can’t get out of third gear this season, and the Rollers are tenaciously staying in the race for a division title.  Tekkawitha!

Last Week: 10-3

Overall: 49-16

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