Bowler of the Week: Week 8 – Filthy McNasty, B.E.E.R.

BP: Congratulations on Bowler of the Week!

FM: Wow, thank you!  It really is an honor!

BP: You rolled a 232!  Do you always bowl 100 pins over your average?

FM: Not usually.  Ive been waiting for that one game that would counter all of my sub-one hundred point performances.  Not really sure that a 232 is gonna be enough…

BP: What does your girlfriend think of the Filthy Hooker, and were you tempted to try the hooker out last week?

FM: I’m not sure, really.  I feel like shes not all that impressed.  What’s there for her to love about a hooker that I take out to the alley once or twice a week and unmercifully roll in the gutter?  No, I never really thought about trying the hooker last week.  A Filthy Hooker is pretty much always a last resort.

BP: Did you take any particular pride in posting your 232 against a top-tier team like Off Constantly?

FM: If I said I didn’t, I’d be lying.  Team B.E.E.R needed that win (4-1 in game 3).  We were hitting a rough patch, and for us to bounce back from an early 9-1 bludgeoning against the defending champs, and to post a league record of 719 was big.  If I rolled my average, we would have still had a great score, but would have had either one or no points I’m pretty sure.

BP: How far can BEER go in the playoffs?

FM: Its hard to say.  We are probably the most inconsistent team in the league.  We got schooled by the Strikes of Hazard one week, and rolled a 719 the next with our top two rollers (statistically) on the sidelines.  For the first time we showed signs of being able to roll under pressure. If things fall just right as far as seeding, and we just have fun and bowl, I think we could reach the great 8, after which point we may be underdogs, but still a formidable opponent who can’t be overlooked.  Right now we just have to worry about Three Livers tomorrow night.  I’ve got a feeling that it’s gonna be a hard fought/drunk match.

BP: Any other comments?

FM: None of us could ever hit a ball as far as Manny or shoot a round like Tiger,  but on any given Tuesday, any one of us can get a little sauced up and post a score higher than Big Ernie McCracken.  God Bless Bowl Portland!

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