Week 9 Lines

PREGAME SNUG (unless you’re at greendrinks, in which case wear your jersey!)


Binga’s Ringas (-15) vs. Maine Yacht:  I don’t like it, but a shutout seems very possible, as Binga’s is hungry for points.  Maine Yacht is hungry for beer.

Derelicte My Balls (-5) vs. Happy Hands: Bubbles and Sasha battle over the win and who has to clean the dishes.  Jasper still reeling from last week’s bender in Westbrook.

Great Lost Spares (-1) vs. Gutterballs: The Nihilist found something to believe in this weekend in Hampton.  Will he change his name?  Spares offer up some freshy veggie burritos and a narrow victory.

Purple Haze (-5) vs. I.C.B.I.N.G.: Haze sure to make a sucker of me again now that I pick them, but they are top eight in average.  I.C.B.I.N.G. is top eight in your hearts.

Off Constantly (-10) vs. Saucy Posse: SauPo continues their tough schedule.  OC needs every point it can get as it chases the #1 seed, but Walter and N Sauce will slow their train down.

Pinups (-6) vs. Roll Another:  Pinups were disappointed to see I had drunkenly inverted my 6 and 9 when I posted the standings and they are actually five points out of first.  Roll Another can’t stop giggling that I said “drunkenly inverted my 6 and 9.”

Alley-Gash Rollers (-8) vs Three Fingered Willies:  The Rollers have the division in their grasp.  The Three Fingered Willies lack enough fingers to form a solid grasp on anything.

B.E.E.R. (-5) v. Three Livers: Last year, it was “Wilma and Hungus’ Intricate Tango”.  This year, with a pregame, it will be “Tom Richards and Ruth’s Mid-Lane Wipeouts”.

Incredibowls (-1) vs. Hyper-Bowl-E: Shank need to get us back in her blog.  I’m going with Miss Moxie’s bunch.  Could be a quarterfinal preview (of the dance-off).

Young and the Bowled (-1) vs. Die Gassenjungen: Special K going for back to back wins.  Who woulda thunk it?  Uli is still the king of cyberspace.

Sweet Rolls (-2) vs. Strikes of Hazzard:  Sorry Hazzard, I need to see it one more time before I believe.  I think you will be overwhelmed with munchies in the face of Milk Dud, Baby Ruth and the Candy Man.

DHD (-12) vs. Lesbowlians: DHD wants to play nice, but they need every point they can get.  Unfortunately for them, Tilt-A-Whirl is primed for a comeback.  Butch wins the dance contest, of course.

Pud’s Taxi (-1) vs Urban Achievers:  Clashing styles.  Great matchup.  I thiunk Pud’s will say something that creeps them out at just the right time, and advance scouting says that J Hammer cut off his thumb this weekend.  Tough timing.

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