Mailing It In: Week 9 In BowlPortland

It happens in every sport.  The playoffs are just around the corner, and some team, or some player, just drops the effort level a little too much to get away with.  We are at that stage of the year, and Hungus the writer did just that.  I put together some weak questions, and got back some predictable answers that gave me nothing to work with.  That’s fine, as I’m doing a short version of writeups this week anyway.  I’ll be bringing it in week 10 and into the playoffs, though.

I did however want to mention three original pickup lines:

Lesbowlians: “My boss is totally misogynistic.  Yours?”

Off Constantly: “You may not be the hottest girl here, but I’m the only guy talking to you.”

Saucy Posse: “I can see my face in the butt of your jeans.”


So, new format.  Binga’s Ringas surpirsed noone with their 15-0 win over Maine Yacht.  More important than the score is the Jerk seems to have refound his mojo.  Off Constantly picked up 14 of their own in a bigger than expected win over Saucy Posse to stay within two points of first going into the final week.  Regardless of who wins the top seed, those two teams are going to be positioned to meet each other in the semi-finals.  Young and the Bowled picked up their second win in a row, 9-6 over Die Gassenjungen after opening with seveal losses.  Freshy Fresh may have been the missing ingredient.  Uli will try to stop the bleeding in week 10.  Out west, two division crowns were pretty much settled in a pair of big matchups.  First, Roll Another put away the previously scorching hot Pinups, 10-5.  Then the Urban Achievers handed it to Pud’s Taxi 11-4.  So, both division leaders did each other the favor of knocking out the other guy’s challenger.  The Achievres seemed locked into the 2 spot for the playoffs.  DHD, fresh off their beatdown of Binga’s, picked up 14 more points over the Lesbowlians, but were unable to move in the standings.  They are locked into the 6th seed for the playoffs, and will have an opening round bye.  BEER edged Three Livers 9-6 in a beer-soaked lovefest, but fell into third in the division.  The AG Rollers thought they were good with an 11-4 win over the Three Fingered Willies, but far away the Balls were bouncing, winning 15-0 over Happy Hands to move into a tie for first in the Power Family Division.  The Balls own the tiebreaker with a win over the AG Rollers earlier in the season.  Hyper-Bowl-E is also making a late move, picking up another win, this time beating the Incredibowls 8.5 to 6.5. Both teams will be in the danceoff.  The Pinstigator regained her form in leading the Spares to an 11-4 win over the GutterballsPurple Haze coninued to surge with a 9.5-5.5 win over ICBING.  Purle Haze will play a central role in determining the top seed, playing Binga’s next week.  They need at least two and a half points for OC to even have a chance.  Finally, the Strikes of Hazzard ran out of gas, getting run over by the Sweet Rolls 12-3.

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