8 Is Enough

So, why is the number 8 considered lucky in the minds of Chinese people. The main reason has to do with the pronunciation of the word for the number 8 in China. It is pronounced “ba” and sounds like the word for prosperity which is pronounced “fa”. Another reason why the number 8 could be considered lucky is because it is a perfect symmetrical shape. You can cut the number 8 in half vertically or horizontally, and both halves mirror themselves perfectly. Perfect symmetry lends itself to perfect balance.

Here are  your Great 8.  Writeups will be posted as they arrive from various league sources.

#1 Binga’s Ringas

#2 Urban Achievers

#4 Roll Another

#5 Off Constantly

#6 Dirty Half Dozen

#8 Alley Gash Rollers

#10 B.E.E.R.

#19 Incredibowls

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