#19 Incredibowls 8 #3 Derelicte My Balls 7 (by Boston)

#3 Derelicte My Balls vs. #19 Incredibowls

Cinderella Incredibowls Celebrate Incredible Win
((PORTLAND, Maine – AP))  Not much was expected, per usual, from the Incredibowls. For the 12th straight week, they were picked to lose on bowlportland.com. More has been made about the team’s dancing than the team’s bowling.

But the ‘Bowls are doing plenty of dancing now…right in to the Quarterfinals after a thrilling 8-7 win and an improbable upset.

The game started with little fanfare. Moved off of the original lanes 13-14, the team felt out of their element. The lowly #19 seed took Game 1 by a 3-2 count, thanks in part to Poops McGee’s impossible spare pickup on the 10th frame, that could very well have saved the night. His partner in crime, Boobs McGee, also led the team to a point.

That’s when it all fell apart. The Balls won Game 2, 4-1 taking a 6-4 lead. The game featured a Kevin Garnett-like tirade by Boston, with expletives, ball-return-punching, and explosive f-bombs echoing throughout Yankee Lanes. Thank goodness the ladies’ league had wrapped up! Sweet Baby Lue, searching for “the good ball,” was also off his game.

Boston was told to “let it go,” “you’re taking it too seriously,” and “grow up.” The team didn’t grow up, but rather stepped up, knowing they needed at least 4 points in Game 3, or they were done.

The Incredibowls delivered, shutting down the Balls, 4-1 in Game 3 for the narrow victory. The Key: Red Hot Hands Mary, delivering her finest performance of the night. It was quite a celebration.

The #19 Seed moves on to the Elite 8. I’m sure the Incredibowls won’t be picked to win Friday. But don’t count them out.

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