Week 2 Lines

Well, obviously the game of the week is Off Constantly vs. Binga’s, but we have a great slate of games all the way through.  Should be a lot more close ones than last week, making for much more difficult predicting – I have a lot of tossups.

#1 Off Constantly (-2) over #2 Binga’s: Quite simply, OC seems hungrier.  They have been burning since last year’s playoff loss, and Binga’s is a little fat and happy.  I don’t think this game will have much bearing on a future playoff showdown, but at this point, OC’s rolling harder.

#6 C.B. O’Nutz (-1) over #4 Huevos Rancheros: Another great matchup as these two teams try to establish themselves as among the elite.  Lots of great subplots here, as Herbie La Nut is looking for revenge with his new team.

#8 B.E.E.R. (-2) over #13 Three Livers: These teams clash every year and it’s always a hootenanny.  The Hungus v. Wilma showdown is a league classic, but let’s see how Lukass matches up with Cheddar.

#10 Saucy Posse (-3) over #11 Happy Hands: Walter and crew make their debut against a Hands bunch that got off to a fast start, and can’t keep their Hands to themselves. Who wants a body massage?

#16 Young and the Bowled (-2) over #18 Wrecking Balls: The season opener for both teams, this one is full of intrigue.  Y&B has had a total makeover, and Pistol Pete makes his debut looking to be a player fr top average.  The Dude’s team generally step up for big games, but maybe too much Anya Caboose and Lou Dawg.

#15 Incredibowls (-2) over #19 Pud’s Taxi: Incredibowls are battle hardened after the Binga’s beatdown.  Pud’s basking in week of media limelight. (I did it!  I picked Incredibowls to win for the first time ever!)

TDYOB (-1) over Splits Happen: No one garnered more derision in week one than TDYOB after their “sickness”.  They did avoid opening against the Urban Achievers, though, and look to have a better chance against Izzy Moxy’s army.  Splits did get better each game last week, so I’m not writing them off just yet.

#7 DHD (-10) over Strikes of Hazzard: I was just thinking, imagine combining the “daisy dukes” from Strikes of Hazzard and the designer, denim tops of DHD’s new uniform.  That would be special.

#12 ICBING (-1) over #17 No Pins Intended: Two teams that fell out of the top ten look to make stronger showings.  ICBING looks to show up on time.

Bowlderdash (-3) over The Who?: This is a big opportunity for both teams to get some points on the board.

#14 Pinups (-7) over Great Lost Spares: Wherefore art thou, Oft-Injured Chunk?  The IHOP of BoPo, with the Dutch Bulj, the German Kaiser and the All-American Big Ern look to rebound from a heartbreaking week one loss.  One bit of advice: do not look into the eyes of the Giant Pink Bear.

Roll Another (-6) over Three Fingered Willies: Dirk McLucky is going to have his hands full keeping his squad focused after a tough week one loss.  What am I talking about.  3FW will never be focused, that’s just not their game.  Roll Another is salivating. (Too many jolly ranchers?)

Sweet Rolls (-3) over Madbotts: Sweet Rolls, who have yet to play, are going to be awed by this new opponent.  I think it will be a love in.

Last Week: 11-2

Season: 11-2

6 thoughts on “Week 2 Lines

  1. I heard there was a fake Dr. Thunder sighting last night and that TDYOB reigned supreme!!! Can’t wait for next week, you guys are gonna need 300 livers when we are through with you……I say that with love…..

    Roll TDYOB!!!!!

  2. madbots are all about the love but we’re hoping to bring home the bacon from Sweet Rolls tonight…. xoxo

    1. Ha Another week of staying away from the lanes!!! This ain’t frisbee, you gotta have some skills………….

  3. Uh, they’re chambray and they’re not designer, they’re state issued.
    “Give him the stick, DON’T give him the stick!”

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