Friendly Reminders

Lanes open at 7 for practice, games start at 7:15.  If you want to get in a game beforehand, you probably need to be there by 6:15, and you can just pay for a warmup game if you want.

Don’t bring food.

Postgame is at Rivalries – the first sponsor of BowlPortland, and my sponsor, so come on down

People seem to be eager to get lane assignmnets…so, here you go:

1 – CB ONutz 2 Huevos Rancheros

3 Happy Hands 4 Saucy Posse

5 Strikes of Hazzard 6 Dirty Half Dozen

7 Young and the Bowled 8 Wrecking Balls

9 No Pins Intended 10 ICBING

11 TDYOB 12 Splits Happen

13 Three Livers 14 B.E.E.R.

15 Off Constantly 16 Binga’s Ringas

17 Madboots 18 Sweet Rolls

19 Roll Another 20 Three Fingered Willies

21 Puds Taxi 22 Incredibowls

23 Great Lost Spares 24 Pinups

25 The Who? 26 Bowlderdash

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