Week 5 Lines

Postgame tomorrow at SNUG.  I will be there tonight making sure they have beer.

Looks like a lot of potential mismatches this week…so come to the Snug to celebrate your huge win or drown your sorrows

Game of the Week:

#6 Dirty Half Dozen (-2) vs. # 12 C.B. O’Nutz: The Nutz started off roasting, but have cooled off.  Something about not killing enzymes.  They are trying to prove they can be a contender.  Dirty Half Dozen doesn’t have any big wins yet, and have had to sit around for two weeks stewing on a bad loss.  Tomorrow Rigg’s gets his shirt back – let’s see if it brings back his game.

The Rest of the Games:

TDYOB (-9) vs The Who?: TDYOB held their own vs ICBING, and now have a struggling Who team coming up.  Ichtanzegern may be pivoting her team’s focus straight to dancing, again.

#9 Living on a Spare (-6) vs. UREA!: Livin was riding high before a couple big losses, and are now looking to stop the bleeding.  UREA! got their first win, but T-$ broke his wrist or something and has to bowl lefty.

#17 Strikes of Hazzard (-1) vs #10 ICBING: Upset alert!  I’ve become an Uncle Jesse believer.  His week 3 258 sparked a teamwide turnaround and the Strikes are now hotter ‘n a billy goat in a pepper patch.  ICBING may be sleepwalking a bit after last week’s emotionally charged TDYOB showdown.  If these teams manage to arrive at the lanes, should be a great game.

#5 Huevos Rancheros (-9) vs Bowlderdash: Michael Bowlton will have to unleash a showstopper to slow the Huevos.  The Barry-watch continues, with everyone waiting for the straight ball to hit a wall.  When’s Bubbles going to have a breakout game?

#3 Urban Achievers (-13) vs Splits Happen:  Uh-oh.  This could be a good learning experience for the expansion Splitters.  As for the Urban Achievers, crowds are gathering to watch the legend in the making La Gatita, who has a legitimate shot at the top 3 overall.

#15 No Pins Intended (-8) vs Lesbowlians: Ever since Oolie’s moonwalk, his mind has been freed.  Plus NPI is the host bar.  Wut What?  Tilt-A-Whirl will try to rally the Lesbowlians to an upset.  Under the radar storyline: Can Trixy get her ladies to the postgame?

#14 Gutterballs (-3) vs #20 Pud’s Taxi:  It will be interesting to see the Gutterballs’ reaction to losing, after their fast start had given them confidence. As for Pud’s, they’d think it was hilarious that they were ranked #20 if they knew that there were any rankings.  At least this game has the potential to be close.

#19 Sweet Rolls (-3) vs Wrecking Balls:  The Balls should have remained The Haze.  Or at least the Purple Balls.  They’ve struggled all season, though many of their losses were close.  The Sweet Rolls look to get back on the winning track after a tight loss to the Livers.

#8 Sauce Posse (-3) vs #13 Pinups:  Maybe this should have been the game of the week.  These teams are both coming off losses to the top two teams in the league, but are solid squads.  Big Ern is planning on surreptitiously waving packs of cigarettes under Walter’s nose before big shots.

#12 Incredibowls (-12) vs Three Fingered Willies:  The Incredibowls are coming off a shutout, and that kind of merciless bloodlust will come in handy as they play the team everyone is supporting right now in their time of need, the Willies.  The Willies lost Schizo to a season ending injury, and Dirk will have to keep team morale up.

#1 Binga’s (-11) vs #4 B.E.E.R.: Binga’s has nothing to worry about here.  Seriously guys, take it easy, you don’t need to worry about it.  Should be a cakewalk.

#7 Young and the Bowled (-9) vs Happy Hands:  The short-shorted ones look to continue their meteoric rise.  Happy Hands Productions is wondering how someone named Anya caboose didn’t end up on their team, or at least in one of their films.

Lat Week: 10-3

Overall: 39-13

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