Week 4 Digest

This week will be a little different; I’ll just cover some of the highlights, lowlights and interesting tidbits and trends.  But first, until we get there, another reminder to help out my mom:

Below is a link to donate $5 to Clean Elections to support my mom, Libby Mitchell, in her race for Governor.  She is strongly pro-bowling.  Please help out if you can spare a fiver.

Clean Elections

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On with Week 4:

I had predicted that the game between the Urban Achievers and Livin’ On A Spare would be the game of the week.  Well, I was wrong.  LOS is in a bit of a psychological slump, and Alley-Lujah needs to shake them out of it.  Maybe donning her jersey would rally the team spirit.  As for the Achievers, they have faced a murderers row opening schedule of Off Constantly, DHD and Livin’, and have come through with flying colors.  La Gatita had the high score for the week, and is in the overall top 5.  Not bad for ladies night.  The Urban Achievers, now with 100% more women!  The rest of the top teams took care of business.  Binga’s looks unstoppable right now, and the Jerk moved his average over 200.  The Pinups didn’t offer too much resistance in the 14-1 shellacking, let’s see if B.E.E.R. can next weekChunk’s on-again/off-again attendance may be affecting team chemistry. As for Off Constantly, they actually got a test from SauPo, falling behind in game one to Walter and Co. before rallying to a 10-5 win.  Then Walter realized he really needed a cigarette, and though he held strong in resisting the urge, it hurt his game.  OC could get upset in one of their non-Tron weeks.  Three Livers returned to form, knocking down the high-flying upstarts from Sweet Rolls 8-7.  They are back on the M&M wagon too, which means way more game night visits from Karl Hungus.  The other razor tight match was Chupacabra leading a worker’s revolt, and leading Roll Another to an 8-7 win over The Man…er, I mean The Dude.  The Wrecking Balls were knocked into last place in the ridiculously deep Human Nature Division.  Lou Dawg’s Young and the Bowled squad reveled in the oddsmakers going against them, and were perhaps Tuesday’s most impressive team, winning big over The Gutterballs despite the absence of Pistol Pete.  When did RR become a Top 10 bowler?  Nice work.  Lou Dawg followed it up by passing out drunk after an incredibly strong post-game performance, earning approval from last year’s captain Special K, making her much anticipated 2010 debut.  UREA! got their first franchise win, 11-4 over the Great Lost Spares.  The Spares were pretty excited to win the third game, though, and left on a high.  Speaking of high, ICBING and TDYOB had their big showdown, and just when it looked like Peanut Gutter would school his protege, Spooky led TDYOB back to salvage 6.5 points.  The Three Fingered Willies won 12.5 to 2.5 over the Madbotts.  Unfortunately, not joking here, Schizo was seriously injured this week and will not be back for the rest of the season.  BowlPortland’s thoughts are with her in her recovery.  Uncle Jesse may not have been a one hit wonder – he led his Hazzard boys to a big win over Izzy’s mob.  Xander did put up a 201 for the Splits Happeners, so all was not lost.  Hey, how ’bout them Bowlderdash?  They took advantage of the rest of their division being on a bye to take over first place, at least temporarily, putting down the Lesbowlians 11-4.  Finally, Barry’s straight but not narrow ball led the surging Huevos to a 12-3 victory over the Happy Hands, who then rushed off to work on their new film, “Surging Huevos”.

Postgame at Grace was amazing.  I believe there were four non-bowlers to accompany our crew of 25+.  DJ Baby Jay kept it real, Walter got pregnant, Lou Dawg mourned the Wildcats and hates the Cocks…what else?  My memory gets hazy.  I think BowlPortland may sponsor a single moustache in Roscoe’s March Moustache Madness ‘Stache Pag.  Grow ’em if you got ’em!  Anya Caboose showed off some phenomenal dance moves, and Red Hot Hands Ryan did the worm across the bar.  After Oolie starting running around with his shirt unbuttoned pouring tequila shots, everyone quietly filed out.  See you next week at The Snug!  Bring your party hat.

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