Week 9 Lines

So, it’s been a quiet week.  At least we’ve had some awesome photos to peruse – thanks Cara.  There are a few schedule changes this week – namely, ICBING and Bowlderdash switched bye weeks, so ICBING is playing Cracked Bowl of Nuts this week.

Game(s) of the Week:

#7 Dirty Half Dozen (-2) vs. #6 B.E.E.R.: Over many scotches this weekend, Filthy, Tom Richards and I broke the league down into seven tiers.  I also fell asleep in a snowmobile helmet.  The point is, DHD and BEER are evenly matched this year, with both teams feeling like they could make a tourney run.  DHD gets the edge here, because they’ve already proven they can do it.

#3 Urban Achievers (-5) vs #5 Young and the Bowled: There’s a big dropoff after #3 this year.  The Urban Achievers are in a no-man’s land (their own tier, one might say, after several scotches), stuck behind Binga’s and OC, but ahead of everyone else.  The Young and the Bowled have taken advantage of a soft schedule, but are about to walk into a meat grinder with the Achievers followed by Off Constantly.  A win would make a big statement.  Lou Dawg’s shorts make a big statement.

The Rest:

#19 TDYOB (-7) vs. UREA!: The Dr. is still riding high over his sleeveless cover shot.  UREA! in a tailspin without T-$, but he could be back.

#4 Livin’ On A Spare (-5) vs. #14 Strikes of Hazzard: Precious may have been a BowlPortland comet, burning bright but only for a brief time.  Uncle Jesse and his boys know a little something about burning, and have made a great move up the standings, but this would take all the stars aligning.

#10 C.B. O’Nuts (-3) vs. #15 ICBING: The Nutz will handle the schedule change professionally, then Bustah Nut will blow up some pins for victory.  ICBING is pretty hard to predict, so let’s just say they’ll bowl and wear plaid.

#2 Off Constantly (-13) vs. No Pins Intended: NPI is paring its roster down to a lean 4 player team, but they continue to face a murderous schedule.  Off Constantly is just trying to keep focused until the playoffs.  At least they have the YB’s pushing for the division crown to keep them motivated.

#16 Pud’s Taxi (-9) vs. Lesbowlians: These teams sought each other out and requested a schedule change  for this grudge match.  Well, wish granted, enjoy.

#18 Roll Another (-5) vs. Three Livers: Here you go Roll, another chance to move up the rankings.  3L is pack to partying, but the bowling has been absent.  Maybe this is the week it all comes together.

Splits Happen (-1) vs. Great Lost Spares: Splits’ first game as a favorite, but could be close.  Unless one of these teams can rack up a huge victory, they’re both staring the play-in round squarely in the face.  Pink bears don’t front.

Happy Hands (-7) vs. Madbotts:  In a way, Madbotts is the “Joanie Loves Chachi” to Happy Hands’ “Happy Days”, a spinoff of Madgirl’s guest appearance on Happy Hands in 2009.  Hard to pick a spinoff to win over the original, but should make for a very entertaining episode.

#11 Incredibowls (-3) vs. #17 Sweet Rolls: This is a nice, solid matchup.  Sweet Rolls may have more depth, but I just have a hunch the Incredibowls will take it.

#13 Pinups (-7) vs Wrecking Balls: Pinups have fallen on hard times, whereas the Wrecking Balls have been there from the beginning.  Maybe they’ve got some momentum after a close game last week.

#8 Saucy Posse vs. Three Fingered Willies: The Willies have been rattled by injuries, but have gamely kept on rolling hard.  SauPo sees a chance to climb to #6.


1 Pinups 2 Wrecking Balls

3 CB O’Nutz 4 ICBING

5 Strikes of Hazzard 6 Livin on a Spare


9 No Pins Intended 10 Off Constantly

11 Three Livers 12 Roll Another

13 Pud’s Taxi 14 Roll Another

15 Urban Achievers 16 Young and the Bowled

17 BEER 18 Dirty Half Dozen

19 Splits Happen 20 Great Lost Spares

21 Saucy Posse 22 Three Fingered Willies

23 Incredibowls 24 Sweet Rolls

25 Happy Hands 26 Madbotts

6 thoughts on “Week 9 Lines

  1. Yeah, shelf the humility, we can smell the blood on your breath.

    Plus, we want an odd-numbered lane for a change! Stop parking us at the rear table where we can’t emote all over each other.

  2. Trying to unnerve us by playing the underdog card, Hungus?

    That’s bush league psych-out stuff. Laughable, man. HAH-ha.

  3. Bowling is not a sport for impulsivity, Herr Doktor.
    The tortoise wins the race in this game.

    1. This is good advice gonna try to put it in practice tonight, got the rattler hooking a bit by slowing down the delivery a la tortoise……

  4. the Dr. is not happy with the sleeve job, it was done in a fit of drunkness by Spooky so that the Dr. could avoid going under 100 for the first time on the year, sleeves came off a 63 through 8 turned into a 108, yet now the Dr. longs for his sleeves and alas Sneaky Pete refuses to sew them back on…..it looks like the Dr. will roll in his Walter I don’t roll on Shabas tee for the rest of the season……

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