La Scores

Wow, La Gatita!  Nice night.

Also, congrats to Splits Happen on their first win.  Now 30 of 31 teams have a win!  That’s awesome.

200+ Rollers:

La Gatita, Urban Achievers 223, 203

Pistol Pete, Y&B 205

Riggs, DHD 213

Cheddar, BEER 203

Walter, SauPo 201

D.R.M.A. Urban  221

Now, the scores.  There was a definite lack of energy in the air last night.  Baseball has its “dog days”, BowlPortland has its “early March”.  Now, though, with only three weeks left, the energy will start returning.  Folks are jockeying for playoff position, and then people realize this thing is fleeting, and the BoPo family only has a few more postgames together.  So, get ready for the exciting final stretch!

Week 9 Scores

Off Constantly 15 No Pins Intended 0


Pinups 12 Wrecking Balls 3

CB O’Nutz 10 ICBING 5

Livin On A Spare 12 Strikes of Hazzard 3

Three Livers 10 Roll Another 5

Pud’s Taxi 10 Lesbowlians 5

Urban Achievers 14 Young & Bowled 1

BEER 8.5 Dirty Half Dozen 6.5

Splits Happen 10 Great Lost Spares 5

Saucy Posse 12 Three Fingered Willies 3

Sweet Rolls 8 Incredibowls 7 (game one in last frame)

Happy Hands Productions 15 Madbotts 0

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