Lines and Lanes

Here we go!  Smack talk has heated up, season winding down, playoff positions on the line, final couple of postgames, beer to be had!

Postgame Tonight: Rivalries

Hope to see you there.

Game of the Week:

#1 Binga’s Ringas (-11) vs #6 Saucy Posse: It doesn’t say much for league parity when the #6 team is an 11 point underdog, but I think it’s a fair line.  SauPo has been looking for an opportunity to prove their mettle.  Well, here you go.  Curious to see if Walter steps it up in a duel with The Jerk, and also to see if Chernobyl Lane will keep rolling like a killa.

The Rest:

#2 Off Constantly (-9) vs #10 Young and the Bowled: Y&B’s were looking forward to this game a few weeks ago, but then got a little bit humbled on the way there.  OC will be rolling again without Dick Liquor.  If Oz doesn’t bring his A game, this one could be hairier than they’d like.

#3 Urban Achievers (-9) vs #8 C.B. O’Nutz: DRMA has risen to the bait, and is now wrapped up in a war he can’t win.  Will it distract him?  If so, the Nutz will be there to take advantage.  La Gatita will get her 3 points, but the rest of the matchups could be close.  A good game.

#4 Livin’ On A Spare (-7) vs #15 TDYOB: At first glance, this looks like a game for the division crown, but then I realized TDYOB has a bye next week.  The Spares could wrap up the title with a big win and a Huevos loss, but TDYOB has been a game opponent as of late, and this is their last game before the playoffs so they won’t be holding back when they bowl and drink.

#5 B.E.E.R. (-9) vs Three Fingered Willies: BEER tends to under perform as favorites, and this game looks like a set up.  There is a lot of camraderie between the two squads, with BEER having traded Pin Whisperer to 3FW after season 1.   This is the last game of the season for 3FW, and we are all hoping Schizo and P-Dubs show up.

#9 Huevos Rancheros (-11) vs The Who?: Lane 22, Bubbles vs Ichy Poo, Huevos Rancheros versus The Who?.  Mad rhyme skillz.

#11 Sweet Rolls (-5) vs #19 Pinups: Once upon a time, Bulj and his Dutch compatriots were ranked as high as five, but they have been in absolute freefall for weeks.  Sweet Rolls is one of the many teams that has passed them, and they hope to ride the hot arm of Frenchy to a big points pickup.

#12 Gutterballs (-11) vs Splits Happen: The Gutterballs are a lottery ticket, and look to grab some much needed points tonight against the well-rested Buxton Slingers.  Xander Rolle has been charging up the standings for the Splits, but now it’s time for Izzy Moxie to lead by example.  Right after she does a Buxton Slinger.

#13 Incredibowls (-9) vs Wrecking Balls: This is the last game for the Incredibowls, and they showed last year they are a late season squad.  They’ll try to accumulate some points and hold a high seed.  The Wrecking Balls will be without The Dude, again, but the captainless crew has experience in self-governance, and should be fine.

#14 Strikes of Hazzard (-9) vs UREA!: Yet another team in their final week.  These guys may be focused on their staches at this point, and therefore be a bit vulnerable.  Plus, Boss Hogg has a burgeoning modeling career.  UREA! appreciates the aesthetic of the stache, but finds it to be of limited utility.

#16 ICBING (-9) vs Lesbowlians: These games all seem to be -9.  Lots of 12-3 games, I guess.  ICBING has admitted finally that they are playing a game within a game, and are locked in a battle in that game: finishing better than TDYOB.  The Lesbowlians are right on the cusp of the bottom 6.  A decent showing here could get them out of that mix.

#20 Pud’s Taxi (-1) vs Three Livers: This promises to be the most exciting game of the night.  It is the closest bowling matchup, but I also mentioned last week that Pud’s was making a serious push on Three Livers’ party crown.  Expect mayhem when they collide. Wait, this should really be the game of the week.

No Pins Intended (-1) vs Bowlderdash: Another great game, potentially.  Two evenly matched squads, Bowlderdash’s last game, NPI down to it’s core crew.  Please, no one request Party In The USA.

Lanes 1-2:Lesbowlians vs ICBING

Lanes 3-4: TDYOB vs Livin on a Spare

Lanes 5-6: Wrecking Balls vs. Incredibowls

Lanes 7-8: Gutterballs vs. Splits Happen

Lanes 9-10: Urban Achievers vs CB O’Nutz

Lanes 11-12: Pinups vs Sweet Rolls

Lanes 13-14: Off Constantly vs Young and Bowled

Lanes 15-16: Bingas Ringas vs Saucy Posse

Lanes 17-18: BEER vs Three Fingered Willies

Lanes 19-20: Pud’s Taxi vs Three Livers

Lanes 21-22: Huevos Rancheros vs The Who?

Lanes 23-24: Bowlderdash vs No Pins Intended

Lanes 25-26: UREA! vs Strikes of Hazzard

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