The Final Week – Throwback Week

Postgame: The Snug

Last one of the regular season, you should really come check it out.  The brackets will be released at postgame, too.

Throwback Week: Wear Your Old Bowling Jerseys If You Have Them

Game of the Week:

#2 Off Constantly (-3) vs #6 Dirty Half Dozen: Two marquee franchises.  One title and three finals appearances between them.  A rematch of the inaugural BoPo championship game.  There’s a lot to like here.

The Rest:

#18 Happy Hands (-5) vs The Who?: The Who? look locked into a play-in game, so not too much to play for here.  Happy Hands can move up a spot or two, but will end up with a seed in the 17-20 range regardless.

#4 Livin’ On A Spare (-11) vs #20 No Pins Intended: LOS making a late season charge, and Natro may have gotten his groove back.  They will get a bye, but if things break right and they put up a huge score, they could end as high as 2nd.  NPI could really improve its position with a win, but more importantly could use the confidence and momentum of a close game.

#10 Young and the Bowled (-3) vs #11 Sweet Rolls: A great matchup here, and both teams could really improve their seeding with a win.  the Y&B’s gained some confidence in a hard fought loss last week, and the Sweet Rolls are eager to get a signature win.

#3 Urban Achievers (-11) vs #14 ICBING: The UA’s have been riding the hot hand of La Gatita.  UA’s could potentially take over second place with a big win.  ICBING will balance things out by bringing some “mellow” to the lanes.

Splits Happen (-7) vs Madbotts: After shocking the Gutterballs last week, another big game for Splits, as they could move out of the play-in round.  They currently sit one half point out.  Madbotts are happy they already picked up a win, and are just here to show some leg this week.

Lesbowlians (-1) vs UREA!: Lesbowlians trying to hold off the Splits Happeners, but could be tough.  UREA! showed some signs of life last week.

#9 CB O’Nutz (-9) vs #17 Gutterballs: The Nutz submitted some depressing writing last week, and I din’t really understand it.  That said, they are bowling well and looking good doing it.  The Gutterballs have gone into freefall since reaching as high as #6 in the standings.  They need something here to turn things around before the playoffs.

#19 Pud’s Taxi (-9) vs Great Lost Spares: This could lead to one hell of a dance party.

#1 Binga’s Ringas (-13) vs #15 Roll Another: There’s not much left to say.  Both teams will probably just be working on some things for postseason.

#5 BEER (-3) vs #8 Huevos: Sibling clash!  Hungus and Bowl Weevil try to exert their elder status on Bubbles’ band.  Both teams looking good heading into the tourney.

#7 Saucy Posse (-9) vs Wrecking Balls: The Posse is trying to exorcise past-playoff demons, and a win here gives them some momentum.  The Wrecking Balls have been an enigma, with the Dude having his worst season, and missing a lot of games.  If this were a playoff game, i might pick it as an upset.  As a regular season match, SauPo should take care of business.

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