Danks Goes Corporate: Announcing D-G.U.T.S.

Team Danks/Big JAB and Shipyard Announce Partnership
For Immediate Release
Team Danks, of the Bowl Portland League and Shipyard Brewery have announced a partnership for the 2010 Bowl Portland Season.  Team Danks will officially be called “Don’t Give Up The Shipyard”
“This is a very exciting time for our team,” Team Captain, Chris Sedenka said.  “We have had an excellent relationship already with them on the lanes, having won the Media League.  And we look forward to giving our best in the Bowl Portland League.”
Team Danks/Shipyard does have a solid history, as Sedenka pointed out.  The Big JAB/Shipyard team was the 2009 Media League Champion, with an upset win over WGME.  Expectations are grounded though in the BP League.
“There seems to be a lot of strong teams out there.  And we look forward to the stern competition.”  Sedenka said.

The new partnership will bring new digs to the team, as well as some other changes.  For any media inquiries, please email Sedenka at chris@thebigjab.com

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