It Has Begun!

One night in the books.  What a thrilling one. The game of the week lived up to it’s billing, with SauPo and Walter pushing Team Micaela before faltering in the third game and losing 9-6.  Still, their team averages look impressive.  Until you compare them to Binga’s.  Apparently they are back and for real under new leadership.  Jerk rolled three 200+ games and the team cruised.  Tough night for expansion squads – Balls of Fury went down 14-1 to Roll Another.  The Big Jab was a little more game, coming back to salvage an 8.5-6.5 loss to the Strikes of Hazzard and the impressive Mabel Tilingham.  The White Whale edged the Pinups 8-7 in the closest match, and UREA! slaughtered 3 Livers 15-0 in the biggest blowout.

Roll Another 14 Balls of Fury 1
Sweet Rolls 14 Lesbowlians 1
Gutterballs 4 Bowlderdash 11
Saucy Posse 6 Team Micaela 9
White Whale 8 Pinups 7
Binga’s 14.5 Incredibowls 0.5
3 Livers 0 UREA! 15
I.B.S. 14 5 O’Clocks 1
Pud’s Taxi 13.5 Madbotts 1.5
Strikes 8.5 Big Jab 6.5

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