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Bowler of the Week – Oz, Off Constantly

Well, nobody went crazy this week.  Lots of 200’s, lots of good team play, but no massive numbers.  So what better time to recognize a guy who could be bowler of the week every week, good ol’ Oz.  The 2008 MVB just quietly puts up big numbers every week, and seems to be at peace right now.  Probably the upcoming nuptials to the lovely Honey Bunny, or the newfound cohesiveness of OC.  Anyhow, here’s to your 218 average after two weeks Oz.  Mazel tov.

Captaining Moves of the Week:

Karl Hungus, B.E.E.R. – Karl has been preaching getting back to their roots to his team, a loveable bunch of hard drinking misfits who won it all based on camraderie and a sense of humor.  Preaching wasn’t working, so he tried leading by example, going from 0-to blackout in three hours.  Of course it helped that Tom Richards was back as BEER cruised 13-2 completing the sibling sweep.

Dr. Thunder, TDYOB – Facing a crucial match against his team’s top rival, the Dr. bolted for Tampa.  His team enjoyed the freedom to improvise and lack of browbeating, coming up with a 10-5 win over ICBING.  Plus, the Dr. got to sit on a beach.  Win-win!

Lou Dawg, Young and the Bowled – Looking for inspiration against a superior opponent, Lou Dawg, 2010 Lookin’ Good Award recipient, one-upped his famous short-shorts, going even shorter into some sore of HotMants.  While Y&B still got crushed, they learned that they have a Cap who’ll go to great lengths for his team.

Thumbs Down To…

Shirtless teams: And I don’t mean topless, that would be funny and in the spirit of BoPo.  Seriously guys, it’s week 2 already.  Get some threads and show your BoPo cred.  Livin On A Spare is off this list, breaking out some cool t-shirts.  By my count, the offenders are No-Eye-Deer, Team Micaela, and Balls of Fury.  You guys are making the Commish look bad for granting you expansion teams.  Come on, now!

Correction Don’t Give Up the Shipyard is also in this category, though I’ve been assured their new corporate masters are supplying them with gear for this week, so they get a pass.

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