Scores and Lines

So, never finished the Tuesday lines, but I’m sure I would have guessed all of them perfectly.  White Whale has now won three in a row with an impressive win over Bowlderdash, overcoming a 174 from Carrie Okay.  I.B.S. scuffled to a 12-3 win over Pud’s but Oolie left shaking his head.  D-GUTS ran over the Incredibowls 11.5 – 3.5 in a rematch of Captains from the Media League finals: new league, same results.  The Pinups strutted by the Madgirl-less Madbotts 14-1, and Hugh Manatee stayed past closing for the third straight week.  Roll Another overcame a slow start to keep racking up points, this time witha  13-2 win over the Lesbo-shocker-lians.  SauPo continues their disturbing trend of third game collapses, but Hot Sauce (night’s only 200+) gave them enough of a cushion to snag a 9-6 win over the Strikes of Hazzard.  The Gutterballs showed no mercy on a shorthanded UREA squad, thrashing them 14-1 in the week’s slowest played game.  Binga’s kep rolling with a 12-3 win over the improving Three Livers.  Team Micaela was not its dominating self, but did dispatch expansion Balls of Fury 13-2.  The most exciting match saw the 5 O’Clock Somewheres edge the Sweet Rolls by 3 pins in game three for a 3-2/8-7 win.  Tha Ruckus went off for a 199.

Thursday – Game of the Night

6pm  #17 C.B. O’Nutz (-3) vs #16 No-Eye-Deer: The Nutz have had a brutal schedule, but have improved every week.  Now they get to take on someone outside the top-6.  Peanut is reigning player of the week, and Bustah is practicing his bustah off.  No-Eye-Deer have quietly been picking up wins, and Shifter Pawl has opened some eyes.  Not to mention the added drama of Deez Nutz having sponsored CB O’Nutz last year, leaving them with the Nutz name, then forming No-Eye-Deer.  Lots of subplots, a lot of ins and outs, lot of what have yous.  This should be a great match up, but ultimately the Nutz have been tested, and will be able to pull it out.

6pm Games

Shambles (-3) vs Wrecking Balls: Shambles fell flat in last week’s first place showdown, but the pieces are in place for a comeback.  The Wrecking Balls have yet to capture even a hint of the magic they had in the 2010 playoffs.

#6 Still L.O.S. (-5) vs My Balls: I think this is the week My Balls regain their strength, but not sure it will be enough against a talented squad looking to bounce back from an OC beatdown.

#13 Young & Bowled (-7) vs #11 Happy Hands: The Hands have led a charmed life so far, opening up a division lead in Thursday B, but now face a Thursday A opponent.  Y&B are in desperate need of some points, and Pistol Pete looks like he could run roughshod over the pink-clad Hands, Marv Gomez notwithstanding.

#2 Walkaways (-13) vs #20 Snakes on a Lane: Walkaways covered the 15 point spread last week, and look like a lock to get all five players on the all-star team.  Snakes On A Lane is about to get initiated to BoPo.

8pm Games

#3 B.E.E.R. (-7) vs Lovernauts: This game should be full of fun and dance.  Tom Richards roots have been canalled and now he can drink Maragaritas.  Ichy Love is done vacationing and plans to show BEER her best party moves.

Great Lost Spares (-3) vs Pinny Candy: Bottom dweller battle, someone’s gotta win!  I’ll go with the giant pink bear

#7 TDYOB (-9) vs Splits Happen: TDYOB is kind of in a league of their own.  They either crush or get crushed.  This looks like one they’ll play the role of crusher in.

#1 Off Constantly (-13) vs #18 ICBING: Not much parity when the #1 and #2 teams are both 13 point favorites over other ranked squads, but alas that’s where we are.  But you know what they say, any given Thursday.

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