Tuesday All-Stars!

So, after 5 weeks, 141 people have bowled on Tuesdays.  Here are the all-stars for the all-star game next Thursday at 7pm.  If anyone can’t make it, let me know, so I can add the next person on the list to the game.

DUDES: Jamaican Jerk, Binga’s

Bama, Team Micaela

Stevie Strikes, Team Micaela

Walter, SauPo

Gutterboy, Team Micaela


Uncle Jesse, Strikes of Hazzard

Oolie, IBS

Swiss Cake, Sweet Rolls

Hot Sauce, SauPo

Ishmael, White Whale

General Tso, Binga’s

(First alternate – Starbuck, White Whale)


Tilt-A-Whirl, Lesbowlians

Pip, White Whale

Lolo, Gutterballs

Beaujolais, Pinups

Mabel, Strikes of Hazzard

Chernobyl Layne, Binga’s

Smutty, Roll Another

Wilma, Three Livers

(First Alternate – Capt. Boomer, White Whale)

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