Thursday Lines

Games of the Night

(6pm) #9 Young and the Bowled (-4) vs. #10 Still Living On A Spare: Captain Lou Dawg is out of town, and when the Dawg’s away, the Younguns will play. Pistol Pete and the Truth may get the headlines, but teammate Lucky made a name for herself at the all-star game. L.O.S.-er Shithawk actually teamed with her for a great all-star night, but now they face off in a big game. LOS has lots of talent, but I’m still waiting for one of them to take off.

(8pm) #3 BEER (-3) vs. # 6 TDYOB: I’m not sure if the Dr. will be happy to see me pick against him, or complain I didn’t pick against him by enough points to properly motivate his troops. He figures to have them fired up one way or another for this one. BEER gets its first taste of the new reality, a gauntlet of strong second half opponents. In years past, BEER has been weak in regular season matches. The Dr. has at least made sure that BEER will be paying attention in this one.

6pm games

#15 ICBING (-1) vs. My Balls: When will My Balls show up? Here’s another big opportunity for a first win. ICBING has been practicing, but they haven’t really found their groove yet either. Still, with a win, they’ll keep sliding up the rankings in spite of themselves.

#1 Walkaways (-9) vs. #14 C.B. O’Nutz: This could be one of those closer than it look scores even if it’s 12-3. The Nutz are getting stronger, with Busta dropping his crutches and yelling “praise BoPo I can walk” while simultaneously throwing 230’s. Herbie is due, and Peanut and Sugar are all-stars. The Walkaways have to be alert all the time with everyone after them. We’ll see what they do here – CB O’Nutz won’t fade if they take a hit in game one, so it should stay competitive.

Wrecking Balls (-7) vs. Pinny Candy: The Wrecking Balls picked up their first win last game and are eager to continue salvaging their season. Swing is due for a big week if he should show up. Pinny Candy is taking their lumps. The ladies go crazy for their sugar lumps.

#16 Happy Hands (-3) vs. Splits Happen: I’m not sure what to make of either of these teams yet. A shorthanded Splits team gave BEER a stout challenge. Happy Hands has a ton of points. They both have a lot of good things going for them right now. I’ll go with Happy hands to try to validate my power rankings.

8pm games

#17 No-Eye-Deer (-11) vs. Goldilocks & 5 Spares: The only thing missing from the all-star game was the giant pink bear. The bear and his pals return Thursday, but have to face a strong expansion team. Shifter Pawl got a taste of the high life in the all-star game, and now plans to drink it. Lots of it.

#2 Off Constantly (-11) vs. #18 Shambles: Shambles, welcome to the big leagues. This team is sitting in first, but now go up against one of the league titans. OC has no plans to be gentle, though Shambles has proven it can handle it rough. Even Col. Angus. Number One stole the all-star accolades from his higher ranking teammates, and now will have to get them refocused for a second half run.

Snakes on a Lane (-3) vs. Lovernauts: The Snakes are friendly but reserved. The Lovernauts don’t know the meaning of the word reserved. Looks for barriers to fall alongside pins. It will be hard for the Snakes to resist the Lovernaut dancing.

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