Tuesday Lines

Game of the Night (830pm)

#5 Binga’s (-5) vs #7 White Whale: This is a rematch, for the most part, of the 2009 BoPo finals.  Before Riggs became Ahab and set off in search of his team’s eponymous foe, he led the Dirty Half Dozen to back-to-back Finals appearances.  He is used to overcoming doubters.  Now that old deckhand Haryln Pequot has settled on a name for the season he is rounding into form, and Ishmael and Pip were also all-stars.  Jamaican Jerk’s team was expected to be good, but how good was in question after losing his number 2 and 3 bowlers.  Lately they’ve shown a pretty impressive look, putting up big scores and keeping a confident gleam in their eyes.  This is a great throwback match.

6pm games

#3 Team Micaela (-13) vs Incredibowls: Maybe this will be one of those games where the Incredibowls surprise everyone, as they seem to do once a year.  It would take a monster game from Sweet Baby Lou and Boston coming back into form.  Team Micaela just keeps on cruising and smashing their heads into doors.

#20 Gutterballs (-1) vs Balls of Fury: Interesting game.  I think I’ll watch it so future writeups of these teams are better informed.  They’ve been pretty quiet, but both are having decent years.

#16 Sweet Rolls (-13) vs Madbotts: Do the Sweet Rolls have a dark, rich, gooey killer instinct?  Do the Madbotts have any tricks up their fancy sleeves?

#9 I.B.S. (-5) vs Three Livers: Should be the fun game of the night.  Lots of BoPo vets, lots of drinking, lots of dancing.  Wut What will try to keep his team focused enough to keep moving up the standings.

#8 Saucy Posse (-5) vs #13 Roll Another: So far Roll Another has done better than expected as their schedule toughened up.  It doesn’t get any easier against the rejuvenated SauPo.  Redonk came up big last week while Hot Sauce was lukewarm.  Can they both perform well in the same week?  And what of Special Sauce.  He’s been quiet.  Too quiet.

8:30pm games

Pud’s Taxi (-1) vs Lesbowlians: This is the league’s funniest love story.  These teams have really enjoyed playing each other for the last two seasons and are excited to rekindle their unlikely romance.  Pud’s hasn’t been the same energetic squad after the roster shakeup, but maybe this game will get them back in the spirit.  Lesbowlians try to build on their first win of the year.

#18 Strikes of Hazzard (-1) vs Bowlderdash: The Strikes have been awfully erratic, and Uncle Jesse is “out of town”, probably in the clink.  I’m uneasy about picking them, but Bowlderdash has been off too.  Maybe they bonded last week playing without Michael Bowlton.  Carrie Okay did get a turkey after all.

UREA! (-1) vs Pinups: Apparently I unfairly maligned an ill J-Bird when I asked for ‘more fire’.  Well, she’s healthy now, so look out.  Plus, T-$ is flying up the rankings.  The Pinups are a once mighty franchise struggling to find themselves.

#19 D-GUTS (-5) vs. 5 O’Clocks: The 5 O’s are enjoying one of the happiest seasons in the league.  They really seem to like each other, bowling and drinking.  And really, why wouldn’t they?  D-GUTS look to move up the rankings, though they seem to be getting a lot of teams’ best shots.

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  1. Just to clarify, our lead harpooner Harlyn P/Starbuck is lost at sea tonight, but we’re dusting off the old stalwart The Pequod/Jeltz for the evening to give us a fighting chance against that accursed whale. Ahoy!

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