Thursday Lines

Game of the Night (8:30)

#4 BEER (-3) vs #11 Young and Bowled: So many story lines in this one.  Last week BEER stumbled out of the gates to a 5-0 hole before rebounding with 10 straight.  Next to them, Y&B jumped out to a 5-0 lead before collapsing.  Now they have Lou Dawg back, and have one more chance to prove they are in the big leagues.  The Truth has been calling out Filthy McNasty, Karl and Senator ITZ have tossed around percentages of Bayside theuy may be playing for, Lou Dawg and Karl have their managerial showdown, Pistol Pete gets another chance to step up against an ace like Cheddar, Lucky and Coco Lopez provide each squad with a rookie all-star.  It’s game time!

6pm games:

Lovernauts (-5) vs Wrecking Balls: The Lovernauts look to bounce back after a rough last outing. The Wrecking Balls are Dudeless and Lululess again.  If Swing shows up, this line flips the other way.

#15 No-Eye-Deer (-3) vs Happy Hands: Shifter Pawl and the Disco Welder have a chance to knock one team off their tail in the B division.  A big win here and they should be on cruise control for a division crown.  Marv Gomez has other plans.  Happy Hands could tighetn the race and get back in the top 20 with a win.  Their team average is hovering just below the 500 mark.

#14 O’Nutz (-3) vs #17 Snakes On A Lane: Noone has had a tougher schedule than the Nutz.  Now what looked like an easier game out of the division even turns out to be tough.  Rosie has her quiet crew sliding up the power rankings with some big scores.  They played their best against the Walkaways, so they seem to like tough competition.

Splits Happen (-5) vs Pinny Candy: Both teams are coming off their best weeks.  Splits Happrn got a big 9-6 win over Happy Hands, while Pinny Candy came close in an 8-7 loss (and paid the balance of their league dues!). Splits looks a little stronger still.

#1 Walkaways (-11) vs #12 ICBING: ICBING is #12 but has seriously underperformed all year.  I guess that could be a good thing.  They’ll need the Fabio of old tonight.  The Walkaways have Showdown Week next week with The OC.  They struggeled a bit too last week but still cruised.  Will their average remain demonic?  What did they sell?

8:30 Games

My Balls (-7) vs Goldilocks and the 5 Spares: Finally, My Balls will shine tonight!  Noone has been a bigger surprise than My Balls all season, but now they have one last chance to turn things around.  Goldilocks has actually had around 13 bowlers this year, so hard to predict who will show up (other than the Bear). This could be a love fest.

#6 L.O.Spare (-9) vs Shambles: Shambles was cruising before hitting OC last week.  Now they get another rough out-of-division game.  They’ll need a lot more Col. Angus.  The Spares stepped up big last week in their comeback over Y&B, they’ll just need to keep their focus as a favorite.

#2 Off Constantly (-3) vs #10 TDYOB: Only three!?!?!  Well, Oz is out, Tron is out, Honey Bunny and Coucou are out.  In short, OC is short.  Dick Liquor may find his form, and OC may have a decent girl sub, but there are a lot of questions.  TDYOB got a taste with a 5-0 lead on BEER.  This is their chance for glory.

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  1. We are going to be sucking back beers and taking you guys down! Unfortunately we won’t have you there to roll an 84 and give us an advantage…….

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