8 thoughts on “Thursday Community Lines

    1. That is a bold prediction hacksaw, you think you can out-“fun” the lovernauts tonight while in the midst of a heated battle?

  1. Dungus, you absolutely filthy, lazy, bastard!
    Game of the Night:
    Walkways (-3) versus BEER:
    This is a tough one, BEER, has the second best bowler in the league (Cheddar-behind Stevie Strikes) and two heavy rollers in Filthy and Karl Dungus. BEER has been putting in extra practice this week. Coco Lopez and Queen Bee have been there daily, Cheddar is always there daily, and the whole squad was there for team practice on Tuesday. If you think Cheddar’s hands sweat wait until you see them tonight! Walkaways are led by the third biggest loudmouth in the league in Natro (you can guess the other two), but he’s really their worst bowler. Gatita and Coco have been killing it, as has Booth of late, and Diesel (who is in the Dr.’s s-house) has been one of the best bowlers in the league all year, although limping to the finish line a bit. This game is waaaaaaaaaaaay bigger for Walkaways than it is BEER, BEER already believes, Walkaways one true test they fell to pieces in the end versus OC and fled the building kicking and screaming and not talking to each other. I say BEER as they always do plays everyone tonight and that costs them in the end.

    OC -12 against Wrecking Balls could be a shutout.
    No-Eye-Deer -12 versus Pinny Candy, No Eye Deer is closing the season strong and gonna have a great seed due to a soft division. Shifter Pawl has powered them all year, big seed, but I have my questions come postseason.
    Snakes on a Lane -7 versus Happy Hands Production, SOL has been a nice surprise as an expansion team, HHP is a BoPo constant, that said the Snakes youthful enthusiasm should carry them to victory.
    LOS -10 versus ICBING very interesting scenario, Peanut Gutter has been one of the hottest bowlers in BoPo over the last couple weeks dropping a 234 on BEER last week. He and his life partner Clarified will be out of town next week celebrating Peanut Gutter’s 40th birthday. Should Young and Bowled who is currently sitting 4.5 behind ICBING surpass them tonight, ICBING will be in the play in round next week with just 3 bowlers trying to beat four to make the playoffs. Not sure about you, but I am rooting for LOS to bagel ICBING just to watch the intrigue of 3 trying to beat 4 to make the playoffs, and not for nothing but those 3 would be favored over the 4 next week. That said ICBING will be fighting to the death for points tonight.
    Splits Happen -2 versus Shambles, Shambles has already raised the white flag on the season with one of their rollers looking for another team next year. Bad juju, very bad juju.
    Lovernauts vs GL Spares (pick em), this game is a pick em either team could win, and both are sure to be partying down as they prepare to play-in to the playoffs next week.
    O’Nutz -2 versus TDYOB, Nuts have the hottest second half bowler in the league in Busta, who went to a hooking ball and immediately saw his average go up 40 points, and Herbie has had a hot lefty hand as well. Filthy McNasty putting 5 dollars on Nutz gave the good Dr. all the fuel he needed to fire his team up via email today. This is going to be a good one.
    Young and Bowled -1 versus My Balls, word on the street is Y&B might have intentions of throwing this one, so they can play-in and then beat IBS first round. That said and no offense Barry and Bubbles, My Balls is one of the worst teams in the league so trying to lose against them could prove hard. If Y&B wasn’t potentially trying to tank I’d favor them by 11.

  2. Shambles/Splits Happen. Slow Roll & Gutter Slut are the only two that show up for their team. After recruiting some hobos and buying their shoe rentals, splits happen become distracted by the hobos shot gunning tall boys and lose 7-8. Gutter Slut rolls a 200 and actually gets it logged into the stats this time. xo

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