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Congrats to the Walkaways for smacking BEER around (12-3) and finishing the season with the most points in BoPo. They will play Team Micaela next Tuesday with the winner being the #1 seed in the tournament.

Play-In games are elimination games.  The losers are done, and the winners will play in the tournament the week of April 5th-7th.  The seeding games are not elimination games, they just determine your seed for the tournament.

Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday, March 29

Play-In Games

6:00 Madbotts vs. Strikes of Hazzard – UREA! vs Pud’s Taxi – 3 Livers vs 5 O’Clocks – Pinups vs Lesbowlians

Seeding Games

6:00 (17/18 seed) Gutterballs vs TDYOB

8:30 (1/2 seed) Team Micaela vs Walkaways

8:30 (7/8 seed) BEER vs Roll Another

8:30 (15/16 seed) Happy Hands vs White Whale

8:30 (9/10 seed) Livin On A Spare vs Sweet Rolls

8:30 (11/12 seed) D-GUTS vs Snakes On A Lane

8:30 (21/22 seed) Young & Bowled vs Incredibowls

Thursday, March 31st

Play In Games

6:00 ICBING vs Goldilocks and the Five Spares – My Balls vs Pinny Candy

Seeding Games

6:00 (25/26 seed) Wrecking Balls vs Lovernauts

6:00 (23/24 seed) Bowlderdash vs Splits Happen

8:30 (3/4 seed) Binga’s vs No-Eye-Deer

8:30 (5/6 seed) Off Constantly vs I.B.S.

8:30 (19/20 seed) Shambles vs Saucy Posse

8:30 (13/14 seed) Nuts vs Balls of Fury

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  1. Tuesday’s lines are up:
    Play-In Games
    Madbotts vs. Strikes of Hazzard -11-finally a win for the Strikes, they play their way into the playoffs and become a doormat for someone. That said the Madbotts took up Hungus’ challenge and moved that season average over the Mendoza line.

    UREA! vs. Pud’s Taxi -2-Gotta favor Pud’s versus UREA! Minus T$pirit of the game.

    3 Livers -3 vs. 5 O’Clocks -Bernie was giving Captain Collection crap on the airwaves about practicing today, that said Bernie has been caught practicing way more this year than usual, that said due to black out he forgets all that he has practiced on Tuesday night. If 3 Livers is to advance Bernie needs to take a page from what his favorite beer league baseball team the Orioles are going to do this year as a line up and strike out.

    Pinups -3 vs. Lesbowlians -The Lebowlians have also been putting in the time at the lanes, they could steal this one from an overconfident Pinups squad.

    Seeding Games
    6:00 (17/18 seed) Gutterballs vs. TDYOB -4-TDYOB is reeling, most bi-polar team in the league they like to get out to big leads and watch them crumble, open up with a 621 against Nuts to finish third game at a season low 422, pretty embarrassing stuff. That said Gutterballs has had problems with management and averages about 60 pins per game less than the Borkers, so Bork should advance if they (we) can get out of their(our) own way.

    8:30 (1/2 seed) Team Micaela vs. Walkaways -2-this is gonna be a war. Stevie Strikes looks like that sea snake spoken about in Gladiator where he lies still and waits for his enemies to start eating him, then he snaps, kills their ass and eats them, and that is what this dude is doing right now despite injury, interesting Cheddar started wearing the same kind of forearm stress reliever, we are talking major penis envy here. Wait until Gutterly Disgusted gets a hold of this! Steve is a pro and it shows. At any rate Steve, Bama and Gutterboy are the three hottest rollers in the league. That said Walkaways has the two best females bowlers in the entire and league and it ain’t even close, they are confident after beating a playing possum BEER, and they really are not scared of anyone, they win this one close, very close, with a little leaning towards hedging my beats if Steve, Bama, and Gutterboy all break 200 in the same game.

    8:30 (7/8 seed) BEER-8 vs. Roll Another-Talk about a team in a freefall. Cheddar is faking an injury due to finishing second to Stevie Strikes in average, dare I say the 300 might have been the worst thing that ever happened to him???? Hungus doesn’t even remember being there most Thursdays, and now it looks like he is going to stop being a pretend bartender and is going to start being a pretend DJ. A bad one at that, one that can’t shovel his sidewalk or demand that people respect his authority when it comes to the parking lot, going over that curb is tough, even worse when you have to go over or through a snow bank just to get over the curb. Filthy goes around f-ing with teams and getting in the heads of players he isn’t even playing, it is quite sinister and I, for one, respect the hell out of it. Tom Richards is a mess, trust me I have been there, those last few months before becoming a Dad for the first time you literally act like Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas. As a man you feel like all that make belief freedom your wife let’s you think you have is going to be gone in an instant, and let me tell you it can and it will. You keep hearing that lyric over and over in your head by Luna from their tune “California” when looking at your wife, “Why can’t we smile like we used to?” Don’t worry it comes post-birth, right now strong like bull. Man hopefully folks take these things at face value, i.e., as the jokes that they are, and if not I don;t apologize for strikes or smack talk (I’m not Oolie!). Dude can’t even spell 200 much less roll one. They used to throw Hacksaw in a cage lube him all up with booze let him out of the cage and he’d go 233 blind in the f-ing semifinals. Now they do that to him he has two white wine spritzers and rolls a 132, and goes crazy celebrating because usually it’s more like 120 if he is lucky. Seriously if the dude rolls a 112 and you happen to have a terrible game and finish below that, he is all in your face talking your ear off about how he dominated you or owns you with his 8 open frames. Old Man look at your life I’m a lot like you wereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………

    8:30 (15/16 seed) Happy Hands vs. White Whale -6, White Whales has the better team, that said HHP are a bunch of gamers, got a lot of points this year and every single player on their team can go big out of nowhere at any time, when that happens they are a major threat. Harlyn P (or whatever he calls himself right now) has the sweetest male slow-roll in the league, the thing is money in the bank.

    8:30 (9/10 seed) Livin On A Spare -12 vs. Sweet Rolls, sweet rolls wear your helmets and shoulder pads because you are about to get BOWLED over. They just beat a team just like you 15-0 without their best bowler Mr. Stiffy. Although, you are welcome, because now that I just called Mr. Stiffy their best bowler, the other three dudes are so pissed they might be overthrowing more than they already do. Sweet Rolls good luck, be happy this isn’t a play in game.

    8:30 (11/12 seed) D-GUTS -1 vs. Snakes On A Lane, Dr. Honniker has SOL’s first ever 200, a lot of other expansion teams get more pub than them, but they are a true darkhorse. I love that word darkhorse, should Sneaky Pete and I have any more children I will name he or she Darkhorse, or if Sneaky Pete ain’t having it, I’ll just call the kid that. A high school boy comes to pick her up for a date:
    “Excuse me sir, how come you call your daughter Darkhorse?”
    “Because she is a Darkhorse, and so am I, so watch the f**k out!”
    When I had a daughter I thought to myself, “Yes, I am going to be in great shape for the rest of my life because now I have to work out for at least the next 25-30 years.”
    We call be followed on Twitter @TDYOB
    D-Guts and the guts part is legit, have you seen the one on their captain? Anyone this dude has a sports talk show, so he can talk about drinking, sports, and occasionally bowling, even with an IQ of 38 he is the smartest man I have ever met. These guys were the media league darlings, and kicked Javs to the corner cutthroat style so they could beef up for the big leagues. They really could be taking PED’s. Once WVU choked out of the tourney with their Al Coholic coach, the captain has been on a tear, and they brought in ringers end of season. This one could go either way, I am giving it to the team with the Championship pedigree. Pedigree sounds like it should be something gross. “Yeah dude, but he’s a pederast.”

    8:30 (21/22 seed) Young & Bowled -12 vs. Incredibowls, no matter how hard Y&B tried short of intentionally gutter balling against My Balls, they could not lose. Now they play a game against a team that used to be good. That’s like the New England Patriots, a team everyone thinks used to be good but can no longer compete at an elite level (win a game in the playoffs-ouch!). Boston has had a tough year, he is the only guy in the league besides Dick Liquor that uses his real name in his bowling name. So this poor loser lost the media title to some radio schmucks that kicked their best friends off the team just to win. Then the poor bastard had a newborn which Roy and Spooky Munson are finding out is bowling kryptonite!

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