Pinups (-3) vs Lesbowlians

Woops.  Forgot one of the play-in games.  The Pinups have struggled this season, their first without The Oft-Injured Chunk.  It’s peculiar – Chunk was good, but it seems his absence has hit the other bowlers and brought their games down.  Silky Pete has played alright, but everyone has taken a slight step back from last year.  Hugh has been highly fashionable in the tennis whites, and Bulj has maintained his insouciance, and Beaujolais was a great pick up, but something hasn’t gelled.  I guess that’s on Big Ern.  So, Big Ern, the gauntlet is down.  Time to rally the troops.

The Lesbowlians had thought this was the year they’d escape the play-in round, but find themselves here again.  They do seem to be improving, and no longer have to rely on all-star Tilt-A-Whirl for top point each game, they have a lot of ladies capable of big games.  And the shirts – spectacular.  Trixy is sneaky competitive, so I expect her to have some excellent captaining tricks up her sleeve.  They will make this one close, and I think it goes to the third game, but I think Bulj will be the hero and pull out the win for the Pinups.

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