Some results

Not a lot of close games yesterday.  One, in fact.  Congrats to the playin winners: Strikes of Hazzard, Pud’s Taxi, Pinups and 3 Livers.  You guys will all have to wait on the ICBING/Spares game to find out your seed in the big tounrey.

Congrats on your season to Madbotts, Lesbowlians, UREA! and 5 O’Clock Somewheres.

The crossover games only had one early start.  Tuesday’s Gutterballs stomped all over Thursday’s TDYOB, 13.5-1.5.  It seemed like Tuesday might make a case for itself heading into evening action, then all hell broke loose.  In the marquee game, Thursday’s best The Walkaways crushed Tuesday’s best Team Micaela 14-1 and capturing the overall top seed.  Thursday’s BEER beat Tuesday’s Roll Another 13-2 sans Cheddar.  Thursday’s LOS licked Tuesday’s Sweet Rolls 14-1. Thursday’s Y&B blasted Tuesday’s Incredibowls 14-1.  Thursday’s Snakes on A Lane humiliated Tuesday’s D-GUTS 14-1.  Only Tuesday’s White Whale represented, easily dispatching Thursday’s Happy Hands 13.5-1.5

So, the closest crossover games were 12 point wins.  Yikes.  For those keeping score, Thursday is up 5-2, outscoring Tuesday 72-33.  Hopefully we get some more competitive matches on Thursday.

Playoff matchups and schedules will be posted here Thursday night after results are in.  It’s almost playoff time!

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