And We’re Off

Felt like old times last night.  12 teams going at it, BoPo faces everywhere, breakdancing, drinking, you name it.  Draft League 2011 is up and running and while it was incredible fun there is no doubt it was also challenging.  These teams are thrown together by the winds of fate (and drafting), and we at Bayside made an oiling error that led to some pretty low scores.  A few people fought through it and put up good numbers, but nothing like we had seen in here over the last few weeks of practice.

Bowler of the Week, Bustah Nut – Green Bowl Packers

While Stevie Strikes edged Bustah’s average by a point, Bustah did it over three games as compared to 2, and did it when his captain was having an off night to lead his team to a 12.5-2.5 win.  Bustah powered his way to a very nice 225-194-216 series.  His captain Jerk probably won’t ever put up a 147 average again, so this team looks like a powerhouse.

Team of the Week – Autodraft

When Lt. Striker missed the draft the assembled 11 minds at the table picked for him, just giving him the proverbial ‘best player available’ each round.  Well, 11 minds are apparently better than 1.  Autodraft’s 1-2 punch of Stevie Strikes (213 avg) and T-$ (201.5 avg) looks mighty strong.  Cherobyl Layne gives them another solid roller, and the depth they have with Barry Violet, Lt. Striker, Sherri Balljammer and Lil’ Bowl Peep is impressive.

Game of the Week – Catalina Wine Mixer 9.5 – Drive Thrus 5.5

Yeah, that’s actually the closest score there was on a night of blowouts.  This new twist of 4 teams missing the playoffs definitely adds some juice to the games as every point is critical.  This game was back and forth with Catalina off to the early 5-0 lead after Precious held on to edge Cheddar for top point in game 1.  The Drive Thru’s roared back with a sweep of their own in game 2 as Double Cheese smacked down his BoPo teammate Precious with a 199 to lead the way.  In game three the pendulum swung back the other way, with Catalina grabbing 4.5 after Shithawk tied Cheddar for top point.

Stats and Standings are up on the side of the page.  See y’all next week!

6 thoughts on “And We’re Off

  1. Wait,

    Are you saying the lane patterns change? I get used to an oil pattern and then it is changed?

    I like it.

  2. Wait,

    They oil the lanes? Is that why my ball does funny things? I guess you learn something new everyday.

  3. Fuck oiling errors. The lanes are the lanes and everyone has to figure them out. People need to quit blaming the lanes and suck it up and learn how to throw more than just one shot.

    1. ok..first off… i have averaged 190-215 literally since i was 16. i have bowled in dozens of bowling alleys in many different states with alll sorts of oil patterns,i averaged the same at yankee as i do bayside…, i love to bowl……but…..i see it like this natro….
      oil IS a factor. now a poor craftsman blames his tools… i hear that. but 9 out of 10 bowling alleys,,, especially ones that have sanctioned leagues … have a “house shot” … the same shot each day,,every week. now thats why bowlers who shoot 200+ averages at their local lanes or “house” … can’t make it in the PBA.. because the PBA has SET shots ie: cheetah or viper pattern …these are very tuff but consistent oil patterns that challenge the bowler…not a different shot each day pending on ones mood….now i had a 147 average … i personally can’t really blame the oil too much because i am so out of practice.i knew i wasn’t breaking 180 when i woke up that day lol…so i say all this because oil CAN be the main reason for really high scores and really low scores,,,if its a dry/wet/whatever shot,,, cool.. just make it that way each week…. i love bayside and everyone affiliated .

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