Week 2 Lines (Corrected)

So, Bubbles and Barry Violet are being flown to NYC tonight to be on Anderson Cooper’s new talk show tomorrow morning.  Not sure if they will discuss BowlPortland, but they will be there.  I don’t think it will affect the lines too much.

Team GB (-5) vs XX Chance Missed: Team GB won 10-5. XX lost 10-5.  I’m going to go the easy route and say the pattern continues.  Gutterboy will light up the lanes tomorrow, and both Baeujolais and Rufio looked strong in their debuts.  All Nuber One does is win championships.  Natro and Hot Mango started strong for XX, but they’ll need much more from Tron and Pinfall Wizard.

Autodraft (-6) vs Chemical Sweatpants: Barry Violet (Autodraft) and Bubbles (Sweats) should miss this game for their CNN debuts, but even if they were around the situation would change little.  Stevie Strikes and T-$ are 1-3 in the league after a week and that’s no fluke.  Their ladies, Sheri Balljammer and Chernobyl Layne, averaged a 144 between them.  This team is tough.  Only Slow Roll played well in week one for the Sweatpants, but Tso, Cookie and Hungus have looked good all week in practice.  Can they do it in a game against the top team in the league?  Looks like too high a hill to climb.

Dick’s Picks (-3) vs Shot Pot Honey: It’s kind of interesting having 4 teams miss the playoffs.  Certainly raises the stakes for getting some points.  These two teams were the low point getteres in week one and would love to get back on track in week 2.  #1 overall draft pick Diesel’s ankle should be down to grapefruit size from watermelon, so he will definitely improve on his 157 average.  Likewise, Dick Liquor is not going to average 115 very often.  I think they both rebound, but Dick’s has a bit more depth.

Drive Thrus (-3) vs 4 Boobs and Some Balls:  Cheddar doesn’t like losing.  Cheddar wants more strikes.  Cheddar is coming for you.  La Gatita and her Saucy Posse pals will need to step up their game in preparation for and angry Cheddar, Double Cheese and McBooth.  Who’s hungry?

Das Boot (-1) vs Xander’s Rolls: Pauly Ringwald is making his case to get on a BoPo team.  He’s proven he can roll, but how is he at drinking?  He and Mr. Stiffy are a strong 1-2 punch.  They are a classic matchup for Oz and Shifter Pawl of the Rolls.

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