Week 3 Lines

Strike-A-Thon (-1) vs Chemical Sweatpants: There is a sense of urgency in the Sweatpants for this one, as they are in last place and in desperate need of points.  No one wants to face Sweatpants that have been backed into a corner.  Strike-A-Thon tries on their new name, and Oz (#6 in avg) and Shifter Pawl (#8) lead the way.  They also have Tom Richards’ mojo, which may cripple Hungus.

Autodraft (-9) vs Team GB: This game would have been a lot more exciting but Gutterboy is out.  Stevie Strikes and T-$ are still #1/#2 in the league, and they have nothing but solid contributors after that in Chernobyl, Lt. and Barry.  Number One will assume the role of captain for Team GB and do what he can, but they could be held pointless if Rufio and Beaujolais don’t come up big.

Das Boot (-5) vs XX Chance Missed: Uncle Buck had a huge game last week for Das Boot, giving them another weapon behind their top dogs Mr. Stiffy and Pauly Ringwald.  XX needs Natro to regain his form, which may require no less than two but no more than 4 beer frames.

Drive Thrus (-9) vs Shot Pot Honey: The Drive Thrus are hungry for their first win of the season, and Shot Pot looks like they may be the unfortunate victim.  New Shot Potter Marne Asada played well, but there may not be enough behind Diesel to stay competitive.  Meanwhile Double Cheese (last week’s bowler of the week) and Cheddar are playing well for a Drive Thru team that knows they have Booth showing up in a few weeks.  This game has the biggest spread in team averages (66 pins) which probably is all you need to know.

4 Boobs and Some Nutz (-3) vs Catalina Wine Mixer: While Autodraft could run away and hide with the top seed, 4 Boobs looks like they could be a contender for the #2 slot all season.  They are currently second in average, but Catalina is right behind them in 3rd.  These two teams are all about consistency, as neither has a top 10 bowler yet they are excelling as teams.  La Gatita roared back with a final game 225 last week, and Shithawk and Precious are building on their familiarity.  I feel like Walter is ready for a statement week, however, despite having to hear all night about his little brother’s hyper-finicky music tastes.

Green Bowl Packers (-7) vs Dick’s Picks: Jerk is back, and looking for vengeance.  Too much peace and love in Vermont and now he’s just ready to cold kill some pins.  Bustah collapsed without his captain around, but will bounce back with the whole gang all together.  Add to that Uncle Jesse rolling really well and you have a winning combination.   Dick’s squad has been wild, featuring crazy point swings, with bowlers just as likely to roll a 100 or a 200.  That inconsistency will hurt them against a deep Packers crew.

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