Week 2 Awards

Starting to get a little separation, but it’s still early.  The championship fund is up to $136.  Keep playing the 50/50, particularly if you believe in your team.  Would be fun to get that prize pool up over $750 – that would add some sweet pressure to the finals!

Bowler of the Week – Double Cheese, Drive Thrus

Two 200+ games to help the Drive Thrus pick up an important 6.5 points.  He seems to be thriving playing alongside Cheddar, and the two of them rank 3/4 in the league after two weeks.  Not a bad start.

Team of the Week – Autodraft

Get used to this one.  Back to back weeks with the top score.  Stevie Strikes continues to stroke it and put up 2 more 200+ games and is #1 in the league in average.  T-$ rebounded from a rough game one to put up a 238 made even cooler since it included a gutterball in the middle of a run of strikes.  He also held on to the #2 spot in the standings.  The captain, Lt. Striker, joined the party this week averaging over 160, and Barry Violet also averaged 160.  With Layne being Layne, they don’t seem to have any weaknesses.  I’m glad we already played them.

Game of the Week: Four Boobs and Some Nutz 8.5 – Drive Thrus 6.5

With her team trailing 6-4, La Gatita did not dwell on her tough start.  Instead she rallied to a game high 225 to take top point over Double Cheese, and teammate Walter followed suit to take 2nd place.  Sometimes a team just needs to see its captain step up to rally the spirit, and it certainly worked in this one.

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