Quarterfinal Lines

First a reminder: Bayside opens at 7:15 tomorrow.  We have a private party here beforehand.  We will open up practice around 7:30 and start games 15 minutes after.

#1 Drive Thrus vs #8 Strike-A-Thon

Strike-A-Thon has already felt the playoff pressure, having to win big in week 11 just to punch their ticket.  Their reward is a draw with the top ranked team, but these playoffs are more NHL than NBA, and an 8 over a 1 is really not that far fetched.  Give The Drive-Thrus their due for pulling out the top seed in a very competitive regular season but that matters little now.

Matchup to watch – Cheddar vs Oz: Look no farther than the top dogs in this game.  These two guys will set the tone for their teams.  They relish playing one another and finished 2nd and 3rd in the league in average.

X-Factor – Tom Richards:  TR has big game mojo, and a team can feed off his energy.  How will BEER teammate Cheddar handle facing that unbridled Hacksaw enthusiasm?

Bottom Line:  Too much depth for Drive Thrus, with booth Booth (#14) and Double Cheese (#17).  Drive Thurs will advance, but will be losing Booth for the semis next week.  Drive Thrus 9 Strike-A-Thon 6

#4 Catalina Wine Mixer vs #5 Team GB

Catalina was the surprising league leader for most of the year, seeming to have connected well as a team and playing better as a group.  Team GB has been all over the map.

Matchup to watch – Coco/Coucou vs Rufio:  Ladies night!  These are the 3, 4, and 5 ranked women and they will battle all night.  Coco and Coucou may have more pressure on them as their team has lost Redonk to a wrist injury.

X-Factor – Peanut Gutter: The Catalina captain has been pretty quiet, giving more playing time to his teammates than himself, but with Redonk injured, PG needs to have a big game to get his team to the next round.

Bottom Line:  Closest game of the night.  Team GB pulls it out late while a dejected Redonk nurses his injuries.  Team GB 8 Catalina Wine Mixer 7

#2 Autodraft vs #7 Green Bowl Packers

Autodraft is the 2 seed, but they have seemed like the top team.  Stevie Strikes averaged a 222 and just rolled another 300 this week, and for much of the year teammate T-$ was right with him.  An impressive 1-2 punch, but one the the Green Bowl Packers may be uniquely able to match.  After struggling for the first 9 weeks, the Jerk got his groove back and is now rolling with confidence.  Meanwhile Bustah puts up more 260’s around Bayside than anyone.

Matchup to watch – Busta vs T-$:  Jerk will take the bullets for his team trying to hang with Stevie Strikes, leaving this matchup as crucial.  Both of these guys have the ability to put up a 700 series, and if either starts strong, lookout.

X-Factor – Uncle Jesse: There’s no saying what Uncle Jesse might do.  While that was a good strategy for dealing with Boss Hogg, it makes his captain sweat it out.  UJ has the potential to change the game.

Bottom Line:  Upset alert.  Steve will roll his crazy games and get those three points, but unless Chernobes or Barry comes up big, the Packers’ depth will make the difference.  Green Bowl Packers 8 Autodraft 7

#3 Chemical Sweatpants vs # 6 4 Boobs and Some Nutz

These two teams swapped positions in the final week but still end up facing each other.  A rematch seems destined after a hard fought 8-7 Sweats win in the regular season.

Matchup to watch – Cookie vs Hot Sauce: Hungus/Tso vs Walter/La Gatita promises a lot of intrigue but genearlly you know what you’ll get.  That can’t be said for Cookie and Hot Sauce.  Both show flashes of making the leap, but then have occasional steps backwards.  If either of them is feeling it it will make a huge difference.

X-Factor: Gutterslut: His 151 average looks innocuous,  but at practice tonight he put up an impressive 3 straight 200+ games.  Hmmmm.

Bottom Line:  The Sweatpants are shorthanded with Slow Roll on the road, and will all be rolling all night.  Not sure how La Gatita will play her lineup.  The Sweats have impressive team unity for a draft league team, and I think they pull out another nailbiter. Chemical Sweatpants 8 4 Boobs and Some Nutz 7

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