The End Game

Now we are down to 4, and at the end of Tuesday night we’ll have 1 team celebrating while the rest just shuffle off to focus on BowlPortland.  First games start at 6pm, finals follow.

#5 Team Gutterboy (-1) vs #1 Drive Thrus:  The Drive-Thrus fell down 5-0 to an inspired, Oz-led #8 team before rallying back and escaping with an 8-7 win.  They may pay a karmic price this week however, as Invisible Hand never got to play.  Now he will be counted on with Booth out of the picture.  Team GB will take advantage of that break.  Gutterboy may have a tough PT decision with Hugh Manatee, but he’s got Rufio grabbing points.  I think they fall behind early and pull out the win late.

#3 4 Boobs and Some Nutz (-3) vs #2 Autodraft:  I know, I picked against Autodraft last week too, but this team they are missing T-$.  Without him I don’t think they have the depth to win this match.  The Boobs knocked out the Sweats last week, and the Sweats’ scores were good enough that they would have led against any other opponent.  Walter is the catalyst, but last week Gutterslut stepped up, including finishiong game one with 5 straight strikes to steal the 2nd place point.  These guys have it going right now.


I think the Boobs/Nutz are the team to beat with T-$ and McBooth out.  Walter and Hot Sauce are trying to erase all their bad playoff memories with a magic run, and La Gatita would love to captuire her first Bayside title.

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