Wrong Again

I think I guessed wrong about 80% of the time on these playoffs.  That’s what you get with teams this even.

In the end, The Drive Thrus won the title in thrilling fashion, 10-5 over Autodraft.  You can’t ask for anything more than a game that is completely up for grabs in the 10th frame of game 3 and that’s what we got.  Knuckels spare pick up in the 10th after Chernobes’ big strike put the game away.  Chedds, Hootie, Invisible Hand, Double Cheese, Knuckles…job well done.  Don’t forget to give McBooth his/its share of the $600 you won.

Playoff MVP: Double Cheese.  Maybe this year Still Living On a Spare lives up to their potential.

3 thoughts on “Wrong Again

  1. Word on the street is DC just doesn’t want Most Improved this year in BoPo, he wants MVP too!

    Congrats to the Drive Thrus

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